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Thread: My Crush on Tyranid Warriors

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    My Crush on Tyranid Warriors

    I am a Chaos player at heart. My favorite models, for a long time, have been the overly spiky Chaos terminators. I like the little metal ones. I like the bigger plastic ones. But I have always had a "thing" for another race...

    I thought the 2nd edition Tyranid warriors looked pretty neat. They were freaky and a little less like the Alien movie than they are now, I think. There was a character to them. They were a little more human and a little more oddball all at once, compared to the modern Tyranids. But I love those modern ones, too, and the warriors are still my favorite Tyranids. If they were Troops, I'd have an army of them with nothing else. It doesn't matter what their stats are to me, except for the fact that my entire army would be multiple-wound, non-monstrous creatures. That is a niche I like.

    So, I'd just like to say everything great about the old, neglected Tyranid Warrior. My man-alien-crush is not going away anytime soon:

    * Three army slots! I wish they were all five, but for now, I can be glad to have the warriors as HQ, Elite, and Fast Attack.

    * Immunity to Instant Death. Well, this isn't so great any more, because everyone is now getting the Eternal Warrior label. The great idea that was meant to bring huge characters down to size is now completely ignored by all of them. But, as long as all those chumps get all their wounds, the simple Tyranid Warrior can get his, too. You're stuck hitting each one twice, which effectively makes shooting missiles at them overkill.

    * Lash Whips. You can spread around these little toys to really mess up the plans of a variety of creatures. I am most found of their ability to gang up and neutralize a character, while also sucking attacks away from anyone else in the fight.

    * Bunches of attacks. Most Warriors have multiple shots and multiple attacks up close. None of them are individually that great, but they should pile up. They do not get the most bang for your buck in offensive power, but they can help thin out a horde.

    * Individual weapon choices. Every Tyranid Warrior in his brood can be different from his pals. There are seven regular weapons to choose from, along with the single big gun you get to pick. This makes the warrior brood unique in the tyranid list for not being a group of clones, and they are pretty rare in the whole game, too.

    * The result of individualized weapons. With nine different types of model in one unit, you could theoretically take 9 wounds of damage without losing a model, because they can be spread out in this rare situation. All of the quirkiest parts of wounding in 5th edition converge in the warrior squad (which is why they are given as an example in the rulebook). Combined with ignoring instant death, you have the best unit at creating wasted wounds in the game.

    * The illustration! I am not beyond enjoying a creature that looks like it has a giant death penis in the rulebook!
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