Iím interested to find out how people go about collecting armies. This applies to any game system I guess, not just 40K but letís start the thread here for fun

Personally, when I collect and army I try to get as much as a I can so that when I come to build a list for a game, Iím not limited too much on options and have a decent pot to choose from. Iím sure he doesnít believe me but as I keep telling killmaimburn, I donít have any fixed lists and usually make up a new list for every game I play. An alternative approach is to collect only a specific list (or lists) and I know many people do it that way but the reasons could be different (money, learning an army for a tournament etc.)

I change my list every game so I donít get bored playing the same old thing all the time. Luckily my usual opponents play the same way. We all have large collections and like to pick from them with whatever takes our fancy before each game.

So how do you go about collecting an army and why do you do it that way?