Hey guys,

Here's my problem, in my gaming group one of the annoying guys just made a Sigmarite Army led by an Arch Lecter on a War Altar. I'm pretty sure he's equipping him with the Speculum. Now in my army I run an all Khorne army led by a Bloodthirster, normally I would just smash the damn thing but with the Speculum I'm going to stay away from it. In my army I run with 3 Bloodcrushers with no champ led by a Herald. I think if I hit him with my Bloodcrushers like this I could beat him.

War Altar: WA Bloodcrushers: BC Herald: HH


If I can get him like that then he can't challenge my Herald and use the speculum but he will have to face down 12 high WS, high Str attacks with hatred.

If I remember correctly he doesn't equip his Arch Lector really well, I think he
gave him the wyrmslayer sword, the speculum and some armour but not the meteoric armour.

Thanks guys!
Does that sound like a plan or what do you guys think.