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    Siamtigers Log-o-rama

    Hi everybody,

    written exams are over and my termbreak has begun. Perfect time to get back at assembling, glueing, basing and especially painting.

    Rough list about whats still waiting for paint

    Warhammer Fantasy Empire
    ~ 850 Miniatures
    incl. 100 mounted figs, 5 Steamtank, countless core units and characters

    Warhammer 40.000 Space Marine - Legion Canum incl. PDF
    40 Tactical Space Marines (10 fertig)
    10 Assault Space Marines
    15 Space Marine Vets
    28 Terminators
    ~20 Characters
    5 Dreads
    2 Land Raider
    5 SM Tanks
    2 Leman Russ
    1 Heavy Support Mortian
    1 Baneblade
    1 Stormsword
    12 Bikes
    3 Scout Bikes
    3 Assault Bikes
    4 Land Speeder
    15 Scouts

    Blood Bowl
    Orkteam incl. Big Guy and Starplayers
    Humanteam incl. Big Guy and Starplayers
    Chaosteam incl. Big Guy, Mutants and Starplayers
    Highelfteam incl. Starplayers
    Undeadteam with all variants
    Norseteam incl. Ogre
    Skaventeam incl. Big Guy, Mutants and Starplayers
    Dwarventeam incl. Starplayer and Deathroller

    Legends of the Old West
    3 Gangs (Desperados, Lawmen and Cowboys)

    1 Van Saar Gang
    1 Delaque Gang
    1 Arbites Squad
    + X Characters

    ~ 6-8 54mm Miniatures (growing)

    several limited Miniatures (Harry the Hammer, Bugman Variants, Games Day Minis)
    and countless Characters und Single miniatures

    Starting situation:
    My hobby room was straighten up, boxes thrown away and everything in sprues was taken out of them. Next step, making room on the desk and setting up my notebook in visual range for DVD support at longer sessions.
    Beside several Blood Bowl Teams, my WHFB Empire Army and a whole lot of sideprojects, there is although my Brueckenkopf Space Marine Army, the Legio Canum, waiting to get painted.


    Space Marines, several Terminator Squads and 2 tactical Squads.

    At the moment you see more or less only the Terminator Squads, that were build frmo Black Reach or White Dwarf Terminators with the exception of 5 Miniatures.

    For the reason, that I really don't dig the design of the Grey Knight Terminators, I decided to build my own Inquisitorial "Elite" Terminators.

    Of course, you have to give them a proper Leader, so here we go, an Inquisitor in Terminator Armour.

    I have the old rogue trader inquisitors in terminator armour, but these are so small, that i have to see what i can do, to make the - at least - look bigger.

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