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Thread: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

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    Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Location: Martyr’s Grave, Elysia’s most ancient battlesite
    Elysia Calender: Mid Spring
    Planetary Assault Phase: Stage Five: Preperations for a second assault


    Life, Seth Vale considered, as he walked among the ancient skeletons of warriors long gone, was full of symbols.

    Few people realised it, but symbols had power. Spiritual power, psychological power, and even esotheric power. Symbols resonated in the warp. The stronger the symbol grew, the more powerful its warp-presence became. The strongest symbols of all became bridges between the material and the immaterium.

    Bridges someone like him could use.

    Faith’s Summit had been one such symbol. It had represented Imperial Faith on Elysia. Its destruction had made the warp grown stronger. Sorcery had become easier. Daemons had walked longer in the world. The fights against the Eldar, the Tau, and the Orks had been another symbol. The armies of each race combined to form a symbol of xenos intrusion on Elysia. The forces of Chaos had swept those away. In return, they had become the dominant enemy force on the planet.

    However, the one and most essential thing on the planet, the core that truly defined it, was war itself. Once a peaceful world, Elysia had been plunged into a long dark war from which it could not recover. Beset by daemons, alien races, traitors from an age long gone, and more, the very soil had become a battleground. Elysia had been infused with the blood of warriors. And so, Seth Vale had found the most primordial symbol of all. The very first and oldest battlefield, a symbol for the war that raged on the surface. A symbol for Elysia itself.

    It was a symbol strong enough to form a bridge between the material and the immaterium. A bridge that Seth had opened!

    However, there was one other symbol of importance. It had been a symbol of the dominance of Slaanesh in the chaos assault. It had been a symbol of the guidance and direction behind the attacks. That symbol, chosen and prepared by the Keeper of Secrets Nach’ala, had been nothing less then Samael Sarox himself.

    And with his disappearance, the Slaaneshi power behind Elysia’s invasion, had faltered.

    Now, the Somnium Daemonicum was in disarray, bereft of its direction. Seth gasped both in awe and fear as he turned around and beheld the opening warp-portal in the midst of the ancient battlement. He felt the roiling tides of Chaos hit him, uncontrolled, unguided, raw and primal. Another, true kind of chaos was descending on Elysia now. Havoc, confusion, and destruction, would follow in its wake.

    Woe to those on Elysia’s soil, Seth thought, … including the unfortunate scavengers, who picked the very worst moment to make their appearance.


    This time around my Daemons faced a Dark Eldar army. It was to be their first fight against the dark kin, and I was looking rather forward to seeing how it would go. We agreed on a 1500 point game, with a random mission and deployment type. We got Capture and Control, and Pitched Battle.

    The table was set to resemble a ruined cityscape. There were several buildings in each deployment zone, and open terrain between the two sides. No man’s land had a small forest in it, as well as several wrecks. I placed my objective in a building in the middle of my deployment zone. The dark eldar objective was positioned on the right flank, in a building as well.

    I won the roll to start and decided to let the Dark Eldar take the first turn.


    The Dark Eldar had a mostly infantry based army, with only three skimmers. Three squads of warriors formed the troop core. Most of the rest of the Dark Eldar points had been spend on elites, giving them a large squad of Wyches, Grotesques and Incubi.

    - Archon with 9 Incubi
    - Raider with Dark Lance
    - 10 Wyches with Blaster and Shredder, including Succubus with Agoniser
    - Raider with Dark Lance
    - Haemonculi with Stinger and Scissorhands
    - 9 Grotesques
    - 10 Dark Eldar Warriors with 2 Splintercannons, including Sybarite
    - 10 Dark Eldar Warriors with 2 Splintercannons, including Sybarite
    - 10 Dark Eldar Warriors with Blaster and Shredder
    - 7 Reaver Jetbikes with Blaster and Shredder, including Succubus with Agoniser
    - Talos
    - Ravager with Disintigrator and 2 Dark Lances

    The Dark Eldar player wisely kept nothing in reserve, deploying his entire army from the start. The Wych raider was placed on the extreme left flank, joined by the Reaver Jetbikes and the Talos. The Ravager waited in the middle, as did one of the Warrior squads. The Haemonculi with his Grotesques joined them. The right flank held two more Warrior squads, and finally the Archon with his Incubi, in a raider, on the extreme right.

    For my Daemons, I had brought a volatile mix of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch units, themed after my story. Obolos was chosen to lead the chaos legion.

    - Obolos, Greater Daemon of Nurgle
    - 3 Flamers of Tzeentch
    - 4 Bloodcrushers
    - 4 Bloodcrushers
    - 10 Horrors of Tzeentch
    - 10 Horrors of Tzeentch
    - 8 Plaguebearers
    - 7 Plaguebearers
    - Skynebrach, Soul Grinder with Phlegm upgrade
    - Sykelass, Soul Grinder with Phlegm upgrade

    Battleplan: I planned on keeping the Dark Eldar busy while my Plaguebearers captured the objectives. The Dark Eldar had a lot of firepower, but I knew they would struggle with my daemons in assault. Particularly the Soul Grinders would give the lithe slavers troubles if those got in close. So I decided to focus my shooting on trying to take out the few dark lances quickly, then assault and smash the Dark Eldar in melee. My goal wasn’t to kill, but rather to keep them busy. If I could I’d target the Dark Eldar troops, making it impossible for them to get a win.

    Turn 1 Dark Eldar

    The Dark Eldar prepared for the coming of my daemonic invasion, moving line abreast forward. The Talos soared ahead on the left flank, while the warriors and the haemonculi marched through the middle. Since they had nothing to shoot or assault yet, the Dark Eldar ended their turn after the movement phase.

    TURN 1 Daemons

    I chose Obolos, the two Soul Grinders, and the two packs of Horrors as my prefered wave. The idea was to open up with some shooting and hopefully causing some early damage. I hoped to be able to take out the two raiders and thus prevent the Dark Eldar from using both those dark lances and their mobility.

    The die of fate came up a six, allowing me to bring my chosen daemons onto the table.

    Obolos was placed first, on the left flank close to the talos. He scattered eight inches backward. I ran the diseased blob forward four inches again, without assault range of the enemy construct.

    On the left of the greater daemon, a pack of Horrors popped into existance, four inches from where they were supposed to be. They immediately unleased warpfire against the Raider holding the Dark Eldar wyches. The Tzeentch fiends scored no less then five glancing hits, which resulted in several stuns, a weapon destroyed, and an immobilising blow. That effectively took the raider out of the game.

    On the right flank another pack of Horrors appeared, though found itself ten inches to the rear of where it was supposed to go. They appeared right into a building in my deployment zone instead! Two horrors died from the dangerous terrain. More annoyingly, they were now out of range and unable to fire.

    That meant it was up to my Soul Grinders to go after the second Raider. The first daemon walker appeared, once again nine inches behind where it was supposed to be. Fortunately the range on the Phlegm cannon was long enough. The shot scattered off of the raider though and instead hit three Dark Eldar warriors, killing them.

    The last Soul Grinder landed on target near its predecessor and fired its phlegm cannon at the raider as well. This time I scored a solid hit, which immobilised the transport.

    With all my daemons in place, I ended my turn.

    TURN 2 Dark Eldar

    Eager for blood, the Dark Eldar leapt into action. On the left flank the wyches can out of their immobilised raider and moved towards my Horrors. In a series of spectacular die rolling their splinter pistols actually managed to take out eight of the daemons, leaving them a very easy assault to finish the unit off.

    The Reaver jetbikes nearby fired at Obolos, managing to cause the greater daemon a single wound with their blaster. The Talos then charged the great putrid daemon, causing another wound, before it was smashed to bits in return. Obolos consolidated towards the Wyches, looming over them.

    In the middle, the Dark Eldar warriors moved forward, while the Ravager lined up for a shot at one of my soulgrinders. Both Dark Lances hit, causing a penetrating and glancing damage result. The Daemon Walker’s phlegm cannon was destroyed, and it was immobilised as well. Effectively, the thing was as good as dead.

    While the Archon and his incubi came out of their immobilised transport and headed for the cover of the building, the Dark Lance on the raider fired at my second Soul Grinder, hitting and glancing the walker. Daemonic possession ignored the shaken result though, leaving my Daemon engine unharmed.

    The Dark Eldar ended their turn. The two lucky hits on the Soul Grinder were unfortunate, but not altogether unexpected. More importantly, Obolos was in position to assault the wyches on the left flank, a battle which I predicted would be one of the more significant ones in the game.

    TURN 2 Daemons

    I rolled for reserves. A pack of Flamers and a group of Bloodcrushers became available. The rest of my army decided to keep me waiting.

    The Flamers were placed first, right next to the Archon and his incubi. Unfortunately the scatter dice disagreed. My Flamers were sent a full twelve inches over the enemy unit, and right off the table. I rolled for a mishap and got a unit destroyed result.

    That same scatter die continued to thwart my efforts this round, as the Bloodcrushers, meant to appear in front of the warriors in the middle, scattered eleven inches back as well. The heavy daemons ran four inches forward again, trying to make up for some of the distance.

    In the meantime, the pack of Horrors that had scattered badly last turn moved forward and found range on the rightmost warrior squad. They unleashed their warpfire, and even with cover saves the Dark Eldar saw eight of their number die in the otherwordly volley.

    The Soul Grinder nearby fired its phlegm cannon at the Incubi, rather then the raider, landing a solid hit which killed four of their number. They failed their breaktest and ran, though didn’t quite make it off the table. The immobilised Soul Grinder fired its harvester cannon at the Archon’s raider, though predictably failed to harm.

    On the left flank, Obolos charged the wyches, hoping to win the combat and break them swiftly. However, the succubus’ agoniser caused two wounds on the greater daemon, which he failed to save. He struck the wyches four times in return, but they did save two, drawing the combat and foiling my gambit of breaking the wyches swiftly.

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    Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    TURN 3 Dark Eldar

    Wasting no time, the Reaver Jetbikes charged their vehicles into the battle between the Wyches and Obolos. Since the daemon was down to his last wound, the combined agonisers from both succubi finished him off, temporarily leaving the left flank to the Dark Eldar.

    In the middle, the Ravager fired at the immobilised Soul Grinder. I had moved the undamaged one so that its weaponless kin shielded it from the Dark Eldar gunboat. Unable to fire at its true target, two Dark lances scythed into the damaged daemon engine instead, but only got a stun result.

    The two units of warriors in the middle fired at my Bloodcrushers, and quite amazingly managed to score no less then five wounds in a series of spectacular die rolling. The Haemonculi and his Grotesques scrambled forward, while on the right flank the two survivors of the Dark Eldar Warrior squad that had been hit last turn assaulted my Horrors. The battle between them ended in a draw, with no casualties on either side.

    The Dark Eldar ended their turn. The right was still looking good for me, even though the Bloodcrushers were down to half their number, but the left flank belonged to the Dark Eldar now. I needed some reinforcements to stop their advance, if I was to keep them out of my deployment zone and swarming my objective.

    TURN 3 Daemons

    Fortunately, reinforcements were coming. One pack of Plaguebearers and the group of Bloodcrushers became available, leaving only the smaller plaguebearer unit still in reserves.

    The Nurgle daemons appeared on target near my objective building and ran into it, claiming the marker. Meanwhile the Bloodcrushers scattered seven inches and ended up right in front of the Reaver and Wyches advance. They used their run move to spread out, in order to prevent the shredders from doing too much damage. Once finished, they stood as a screen between the enemy assault and the plaguebearers in the building.

    On the right flank, the undamaged soul grinder fired its harvester cannon at the Raider again. This time it shook the transport. The other Soul Grinder fired its harvester cannon at some dark eldar warriors, though without doing any damage. However, the Bloodcrushers then assaulted one of those squads, killing six for no casualties and causing the rest to break and run, never to return as they were now under half strength.

    The horrors meanwhile fought with the two Dark Eldar warriors, and managed to slay both their attackers, leaving the Dark Eldar with only one warrior squad , and more importantly one scoring unit, left. Unfortunately, the Dark Eldar did take four Horrors with them to the grave before they died, leaving only four standing.

    TURN 4 Dark Eldar

    Things didn’t look bad for me. With only one scoring unit left, the Dark Eldar were in danger of being unable to claim any makers, and although the Wyches and Reavers were still a thorn in the left flank, I had the Bloodcrushers in position to intercept them now. I doubted even the combined might of both dark eldar units would score an easy win against the Khornate Juggernauts. And if need be my Plaguebearers could always move to assist.

    Ofcourse, that didn’t stop the xenos from trying!

    The Wyches and Reaver jetbikes both charged forward, hungry for blood, and shot a single wound off of one of the Crushers with their guns. Then they entered the melee, causing two more wounds with their agonisers, killing off one of the Juggernauts. However, I decided to ignore the Wyches with their invulnerable save, and focus my attacks on the Reavers instead, slaughtering five of the bikers with my Hellblades. Having lost the combat by three, both enemy units were forced to take a difficult leadership test. The bikers made it, but the wyches failed, running off nine inches in a mad panic.

    My left flank was secure again.

    Meanwhile, the Ravager fired at my undamaged soulgrinder, flying a full twelve inches to finally get around the immobilised walker that was acting as a shield. Despite having only one dark lance to fire with it still managed a penetrating hit, but fortunately the damage die came up a one, only shaking the Grinder.

    On the right flank the last warrior squad, along with the haemonculi’s stinger, managed to take out another Bloodcrusher. Then the grotesques charged in. The juggernaut easily caused three wounds on the dark eldar fiends, but was forced to make two saves in return, and failed them.

    TURN 4 Daemons

    I rolled for reserves. The last Plaguebearer pack didn’t come yet. That in itself wasn’t a bad thing, as it would allow me to deepstrike it on the enemy objective at what could well be the last turn!

    Meanwhile, the Bloodcrushers on the left flank swiftly crushed the remaining Reaver jetbikes and consolidated towards the warriors. They ensured they kept a model within six inches of the fleeing wyches though, so that the gladiators wouldn’t be able to rally next turn.

    On the right flank, the four remaining horrors fired at the immobilised raider again. They scored a glancing hit which destroyed the transport’s dark lance. Then the Soul Grinder stomped forward, right amidst the grotesques that, by their charge against the Bloodcrusher, had moved into assault range. The heavy daemon engine slaughtered the haemonculi first, then cut down the rest of the unit as they tried to flee.

    I ended my turn with the Soul Grinder inbetween the Dark Eldar Warriors and the enemy objective. Unfortunately, the ravager was still there, so my opponent still had one chance of stopping the steel behemoth. If he couldn’t, his last scoring unit would be swiftly crushed, which would secure my victory.

    TURN 5 Dark Eldar

    Unable to rally, the Wyches continued to run. The Warriors meanwhile did the only thing they could. They began to head for their own objective, daring the Soul Grinder and trusting that the ravager would stop the daemon engine. However, they were still far off, and had no way of reaching the marker yet.

    The Archon and his Incubi finally left the objective building, heading towards my remaining horrors. They couldn’t quite get close enough to assault, but their shooting took down two of the daemons.

    Then the ravager fired. One dark lance hit, scoring a penetrating damage result, which… exploded the daemon engine. The heavy walker send shrapnel flying for five inches around him, killing one more horror, and killing several of the warriors as well.

    With the Soul Grinder gone, the way lay open for the Dark Eldar warriors to go claim the objective, providing there were more turns to the game.

    TURN 5 Daemons

    Fortunately, I still had an ace up my sleeve. My last pack of Daemons, the Plaguebearers, now automatically became available. I deep struck them near the enemy objective, right between the marker and the Dark Eldar warriors.

    However, the scatter die was against me yet again. It send the Nurgle daemons eight inches off target, and straight on top of the incoming xenos soldiers. Rolling on the mishap table, I got a three, allowing my opponent to place the pack. He placed them near the other Nurgle daemons, across the table.

    It was quite a setback, but I wasn’t out of options yet. The Bloodcrushers began chasing the enemy warriors, while my last remaining horror and the Soul Grinder prepared to fire. Between them they still had nine shots left, and since the enemy was out in the open, they’d be wounded on 3+ with no save!

    My dice rolling was poor through, and only two more warriors died, leaving four. It was enough to make them take a break test, but they passed it.

    On top of all that, my opponent then rolled for another turn, and got it, giving him a chance for a draw.

    TURN 6 Dark Eldar

    The Wyches rallied, though at this point were too far off to have any sort of effect on the game. That left the Ravager, the Archon and his retinue, and ofcourse the Dark Eldar Warriors themselves.

    The later ran towards the objective, but due to a bad run roll still couldn’t get quite close enough to claim it! Meanwhile the Archon directed his shooting at the last horror, taking it out. The Ravager attempted to destroy the immobilised Soul Grinder, but failed to harm it.

    TURN 6 Daemons

    The Bloodcrushers gave chase, but couldn’t quite get to the warriors either, leaving me with only my immobilised Soul Grinder to stop the enemy. It fired on the warriors and killed one, forcing them to take a leadership test again. Unfortunately, they made it, again.

    My opponent still needed another turn to manage his draw. He rolled the die…. It came up a four. Another turn was played.

    TURN 7 Dark Eldar & Daemons

    In a astonishing feat of endurance, the Dark Eldar warriors finally managed their long run towards the objective and claimed it. Once in cover of the building, they were safe from the shooting of my immobilised Soul Grinder, which send shells after them. They secured their side a draw at last, albeit with the tiniest of margins.

    Result: Draw!


    This was quite a nice game, with a spectacular ending that had us both wondering how things would turn out. Several times in the last turn, the entire outcome of the match hung on the result of a single die.

    That said, I never really felt like I wasn’t in control of the game. I don’t think I had any real chance of losing this one. It was more of a toss-up between winning or drawing. Even the spectacular die rolling by my opponent couldn’t change that fact. Luck was definitely on his side though. In fact, at some points in the game I was beginning to wonder of his dice were capable of rolling one’s and two’s at all!

    Fortunately, such a string of luck rarely lasts, and the tide finally turned with the arrival of my second Bloodcrusher pack on the left flank. The juggernauts broke the assault, after which the Dark Eldar had to go fully on the defensive. However, my opponent found his luck back at the end of the game, somehow managing a draw despite the odds!

    My opponent mentioned after the game that he had expected the daemons to hit him harder. They would have, had we been playing annihilation. But I played this game with my eye on the objectives, rather then on killing the opposition. Considering that my flamers were destroyed before they could do anything, and my two packs of plaguebearers never even entered the fray, I don’t think he realised he was fighting only two thirds of my army. On the other hand, if I hadn’t managed to stop that Archon raider early on and keep the Incubi out of battle, I might have been hit a lot harder too. So I think it evens out.

    Man of the match for this battle is easy. The Dark Eldar Warriors that finally secured the draw have no contest. On my side, the Bloodcrushers did quite good work, but not enough to outshine the Dark Eldar’s moment of glory.

    Men of the Match: Dark Eldar warriors!


    Seth stood amidst the capering daemons and giggled with glee.

    He watched as the very ground under his feet turned to rainbow colored muck. He watched as ahead an ancient ruin grew arms and grabbed a retreating Dark Eldar Warrior, lifting him from the ground and crushing him in its concrete grip. He watched as a nearby wreck of some ancient vehicle turned to gold, then exploded into a volley of silver arrows that wounded the very air they flew through and rend more tiny portals into the materium.

    He watched as the battlefield around him turned to pure chaos.

    Behind the Herald, the monotome drone of Plaguebearers brushed his ears, while up ahead Bloodcrushers stalked effortlessly to the muck. A huge Soul Grinder, one of its leg mangled and caught in a vice, send explosive shells after the fleeing dark eldar. Seth Vale regretted that not all of them could be caught in the expanding web of chaos, but the Dark Eldar had sensed the trap and were withdrawing to their webway portal before they were cut off.

    He briefly wondered what brought those raiders here, though the answer wasn’t difficult to find. They thrived on chaos and confusion, and would no doubt have realised the planet’s weakness as surely as Seth himself had. They had aimed to raid what they could and be gone before the full chaos invasion could break out.

    Their only bit of bad luck was that they had chosen to enter Elysia at the wrong place, and the wrong time!

    No matter, they were gone now. The souls of the fallen would feed the Somnium Daemonicum, though in truth the influx of the warp was already close to being powerful enough to be self-sustaining. More importantly then that, it send ripples through the Empyrian, creating a warp storm around the planet that would make it impossible for new ships to approach.

    Elysia was now good and well trapped in the grip of Chaos.

    Seth’s only concern was that, with the Slaaneshi guidance behind the Somnium Daemonicum weakened or gone, what happened next would be anyone’s guess.


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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    nice report Redrivertears, but what's happening lately? A loss, a few draws... Have the Gods of Chaos abandoned you?

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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    been a while RRT, nice rep as usual. I am very surprised that it became a draw, but as you said luck was a deciding factor.

    the gods of chaos are fickle, Kildash, so now's your chance to beat him!
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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Nice report but it feels like you could have stomped you opponent.

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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    You put me in a hard spot Mr RRT, I wanted the home team to win (you) but I also love the guests (DE). Saying that you both had your moments of glory and gore and i liked the ending of a draw. To me both DE and DAemons are the same, they either win big or lose they cancel each other out.
    Good game though, im still impressed by your smartness and skill
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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Oh how I have missed your adventures, RRT. It is great to finally read another rep on the death of Elysia. A well fought game on both accounts. Had those flamers hit on target, it would be a different story. Best of luck in the next game.

    P.S: Kildash, the Gods have abandoned him for is the time to strike! Strike while he is weakest....well at least weak by RRT standards
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    Give this guy a bloody cookie! He just won the thread.
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    "+3 ward save? Get in mah pants!"

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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Great to have you back, RRT, with a fine new report!
    And one that recounts what sounds like a very close battle. As you noted, you stayed on the initiative and controlled the battle -- though in the end your opponent managed to eke out a draw.

    I do love objective-based missions. Even as an army is being destroyed, a player still has a chance to maneuver, scurry, scramble, and snatch victory (or at least a draw) from the jaws of defeat.

    So this thoroughly engrossing tale continues....
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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Thanks a bunch everyone!

    nice report Redrivertears, but what's happening lately? A loss, a few draws... Have the Gods of Chaos abandoned you?
    They're just saving their support for the next time you play me. Expect me to roll nothing but 6's in that game!


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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    great -,-... and there was me finally gathering up some hope and self-confidence to challenge you once more...

    Thanks, RRT

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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Good read as usual, and pleasant after the few months of time-off I had. Slowly I'm getting motivated again and for a large part thanks to battle reports like these!
    Too bad for Obolos, he's still one of my favourite characters
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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    great report RRT.
    Good story, great pictures, and exiting read.

    For once the deepstrike scatter dice really cost you. as a deamon player there is not much to do about that other then remember the good times, and then try again.

    Looking very much forward to the next installment.
    Wondering what's happening to Samael, Seth does not sound like a guy who comes to the rescue, but perhaps some in his own warband will do so again?

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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Nice read RRT, I'm also surprised you didn't stomp the Dark Eldar, even with only 2/3 of your army. He did have some awesome luck, and the image of the Warrior squad running to their objective while under so much fire with Bloodcrushers chasing them makes me laugh.

    Looking forward to the next installment Make it against Kildash's Eldar!
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    Re: Elysia's Fate: Daemons vs Dark Eldar

    Quote Originally Posted by deathwing_marine View Post
    Looking forward to the next installment Make it against Kildash's Eldar!
    I like the idea, but I don't have much time these days...

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