Hi there, I've left the hobby for a while now i'm trying to get back into it.. starting off fresh by moving from Dark Eldar in 40k over to Dark Elves. I'd like to receive some opinions from anyone here.
My intention in this army list is something well balanced, capable of breaking blocks, use magic, and some hidden surprises. Overall strategy is offensive rather than defensive.
I've already got most of these core units painted up (block infantry)

My questions for this army list are:
1. Strengths and Weaknesses
2. How it fits into my intention for my army list
3. Opinions on my deployment setup
4. Examples armies/army comps I will be strong against, weak against.
5. is it legal? (being new to WHFB i could miss certain rules)

[1]Supreme Sorceresss - sacrificial dagger, ring of hotek, dispell scroll
[2]Death Hag - BSB, Standard of Hag Graef

[3]20 Dark Elf Warriors - spear, light armor, full command
[4]20 Dark Elf Warriors - spear, light armor, shield, full command, Banner of Cold Blood
[5]5 Dark Riders - RXB, Spear, light armor, dark steed, musician
[6]5 Dark Riders - RXB, Spear, light armor, dark steed, musician
[7]6 Harpies

[8]18 Executioners - Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Hand weapon, Full command
[9]6 Shades - RXB, Great Weapon, Assassin: 2nd Hand weapon
[10]14 Witch Elves - Banner of Murder, Full command
[11]Cold one Chariot

[12]War Hydra


[scout 9 ]

[ 5 ] [12] [ 10 ] [ 1 & 3 ] [ 2 & 8 ] [11] [ 4 ] [ 6 ]
[ 7 ]

It is best I provide you all the information I have about this armylist before you guys start analysing them. So here is more of what I intend to do with each unit.

At the center of the battle line:
1) Executioners rows of 7 with Always strike first BSB
weak against: Shooting, chariot impact hits. And horde block infantry (I'm swapping the witch elve's banner of murder for the BSB's rune of Khaine for extra punch in taking out light infantry)
Purpose: the 'anti-elite' unit. Capable of taking on big tough creatures, heavy infantry, heroes, or any form of elite unit. And to hold the center of the battle line. Breaking blocks, if not then slowly reducing their strength as supporting units help out. BSB + generals's LD of 9 should be relatively reliable from breaking itself.

2) Warriors with Supreme Sorceresss
Weak against: shooting, my (will be) reckless use of sacrificial dagger. Anti magic.
Purpose: this is the one and only magic anchor in the army, with ring of hotek and a scroll to provide protection. But wit the sacrificial dagger its main role is to Overpower if not matchup against any enemy magic, and use Dark magic/Shadow magic to destroy units I want to avoid fighting against/ use supporting spells.

On the flank A of the battle line:
3) Witch Elves rows of 7
Weak against: heavily armored opponents
Purpose: very specific against all light/medium armored opponents. They are more expendable than the sorceress and warriors block hence they will be sacrificed first if something unstoppable approaches on that portion of the battle. I'd also rather have shooting directed to witches rather than executioners

4) War Hydra
Weak Against: warmachine shooting, magic
Purpose: psychological, to lure as much shooting into the hydra away from other units. Assault to support the witch elves, draw combat away from the sorcerer's regiment.

5) Dark Riders (both units on far ends of battle line)
Weak Against: shooting, flying units, agile units.
Purpose: march block. Take out soft targets with RXBs, supporting charge for witch elves or war hydras

6) Harpies: self explanatory role and weakness for harpies! but should they belong to flank A?

On flank B of the battle line:

7) Chariot
Weak Against: War machine shooting, bulk infantry blocks.
Purpose: protect Warriors on flank B from being flank charged by flanking units (i.e. hard hitting units with small numbers 7 row x1 rank etc. ) Destroy enemy flanker units, or charge enemy knights

8) Warriors with banner of cold blood
Weak against: Heavy infantry, heavy calvary, anything hard hitting.
Purpose: hold the line on flank B. Must work together with chariot, shades, dark riders to slowly dwindle enemy strength before the come into contact with spearmen.

9) Shades with assassin:
Weak against: magic, shooting, fast calvary, and harasser units
Purpose: Element of surprise: considerable firepower. And surprise charge with great weapons + assassin against any average block unit in combination with dark riders to put up a good fight. Or can charge 'flanker' units of the enemy as well (same target category as chariots)

That rounds it up guys!

Thank you soo much for taking the time to read my post. All comments and criticisms are welcome.