View Poll Results: How do you deal with adversity?

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  • Fight it. (You started changing your lists once you heard deamons were strong.)

    75 80.65%
  • Petition it. (You started petitioning on warseer once you heard the deamons were strong.)

    4 4.30%
  • Avoid it. (You refuse to play against deamons or fantasy in general because of deamons.)

    10 10.75%
  • Join it. (You started a deamon army once you heard it was strong.)

    4 4.30%
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Thread: How do you deal with adversity?

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    Question How do you deal with adversity?

    Everyone deals with adversity in different ways. Some people fight it, some people complain about it, some people just walk away.

    I think this can best be compared to the deamon power issue.

    There are those out there that come up against this problem and open up their books and try to find a way to beat it, there are those that avoid it and simply complain, there are those that give up and either refuse to play them or stop playing fantasy in general, and then there are those that turn adversity into opportunity and just start their own deamon army.

    Personally I'm a fighter. When ever I hear something is too powerful I try and prove everyone wrong by beating it, and if I hear something is too weak I try and prove everyone wrong by winning with it.

    The question is, what are you?
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