More than minimum core, no regen banner, no blood knights, no crown of commandment, but still a rock solid list (I think)...

Total – 2247/2250 PD – 10 DD – 7 Scroll - 1


Vampire Lord 440
+1 magic level
Dark Acolyte
Infinite Hatred
Lord of the Dead
Walking Death
Sword of Might
Crown of the Damned
The cursed book

Vampire Thrall 195
-Avatar of Death – GW
-Infinite hatred
-Flayed Hauberk
-Dispel scroll

Necromancer 135
-Vanhel’s Danse
-Invokation of Nehek
-Book of Arkahn
-Black Periapt
-Mounted on CC

Vampire Thrall 195
-Dark Acolyte
-Avatar of Death GW
-Walach bloody hauberk

CORE 661

20 Zombies 80

Corpse Cart 100

16 Skeletons 148

17 Skeletons 173

20 Ghouls 160


18 Grave Guard

RARE 375


4 Cairn Wraiths

I wouldn't mind finding a way to slide in a unit of 3 fellbats. In my experience they are awesome for messing with the enemy but hopefully the van hels and wraiths/varghulf will give this army some mobility.