Im a relative newbie to BT. I played a small force back when they first appeared in the Armageddon campaign book, but it never broke past 500pts.

So, lets start this thread off with some tips from BT vets for all us dirty bandwagoneers

I want to include a Crusader in my force as a centerpiece, but Im unsure what to stick inside it.

My favourite option so far is looking like a Marshal and Sword Brethern Command Squad, ie, nine blokes with BP+CCW and Furious Charge. My Marshal is a cheapo guy, armed with Power Sword and a Combat Shield/BP, so the specialist Sword Brother would likely be armed with a Power Fist in case of high T enemies or vehicles. I would then back them up with a second CC unit in a Rhino/Razorback depending on which seems more effective, likely another unit of Sword Bretheren, but possibly just normal Crusaders in lower point games.

Will that be effective, or should I be going for the 8 Assault Terminators of Doom super-expensive unit?