Hello fellow warseers!

Once again I'm here with a new painting log - some of you might know my other two logs for Bad Moons and Thousand Sons. Several days ago I had the oportunity to buy some really cheap Necrons on ebay and I bought them just to try out how I would paint them.

As I had read the Medusa V campaign-booklet some time ago I remembered the story in there I liked most. It wasn't a big story, just a small narrative about a Necronlord called the "Bote der Stürme", which would be harbinger/messenger of storms. In apocalypse reload there is also a datasheet for this harbinger of storms and I wondered what he and his army would look like. Having an idea for a theme and some models at hand, I tried out paint scheme. I used scarabs for a test 'cause they are part of every warriorbox, so it wouldn't matter if I'd mess them up.

I tried to achieve a very cold appearnce, so I decided against any rust-effects and for a blue-ish metal. The eyes where painted in hawk turquoise as that's also a pretty cold colour.

Satisfied with the scarabs I tried my colourscheme on a warrior. A quick search of my kitchen gave me a blue cocktailstick (?) that I used to see how the warrior would like with a blue instead of the standard green rod in his weapon. Apart from the front part of his weapon, the warrior is pretty done.

As you can see, the silver highlights are a bit harsh on this warrior, so I tried a second one and used a finer brush for the final highlights.