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Thread: trail of the preist whfb rp signup

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    trail of the preist whfb rp signup

    This is my first warhammer roleplay and i am taking insparation from Captain marius' rp witch hunter, which is my fave rp ever. This will be a similar system, i have decided to use the same stats system and if marius has a problem with this then just tell me and ill remove it.

    so the story:

    Ruben Quinn has recently been promoted to the rank of Witch hunter and has been assigned a task. He must recover a kidnapped preist. He has journeyed to the town of mitsburg were teh preist was taken, a small town near teh bretonian boarder. it is belived he was kidnapped by beastmen. He is gathering a retinue of mercinaries and heading after his trail.

    characters: i am looking for 5-8 characters for this.
    you could be a
    zealot/ flagelent
    tracker/ guide

    you may have 2 hand weapons or one two handed weapon and 1 one handed weapon = knives ect

    here are the race starting statlines

    Human m40 ws30 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70

    Dwarf m30 ws40 bs30 s30 t40 w1 i20 a1 ld90

    Elf m50 ws40 bs40 s30 t30 w1 i50 a1 ld90

    Ogre m60 ws30 bs30 s40 t40 w3 i20 a3 ld70

    if you wish to play an ogre thy count as 0-1

    witch hunter Ruben quinn Human m40 ws45 bs30 s35 t35 w2 i35 a2 ld90
    equipment: sword of might, shortsword

    the witch hunter is more experienced so has better stats.
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