At the risk of shamelessly promoting my design, if you liked Warhammer, I think you'll like Conqueror.

It doesn't have a ton of players, but I've done next to nothing to market it. I think it's as good or better than anything out there, but I don't have all the cool art and money to lavish on it that others do.

If you want a quick summary of how it plays, think about the most annoying aspects of warhammer - jacked up point values, lots of special rules, fiddly obsessions with measurement and tactical limitations.

That's what I fixed.

It moves very quickly and smoothly, using an integrated turn sequence so you can have each player respond to the other's actions

I've been taking notes for a Second Edition, which would mostly add some more unit options, expand the magic and magic item list and (drum roll please) provide some starter army lists for people who don't want to dive into the points system right off the bat. That's probably its biggest weakness, but I have loaded some of the more popular Warhammer lists on this thread so you can get started.

Hope that helps.