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for the truscale rhino how about getting a land raider remove the sponsons and just really bring down the look of attack/transport vehicle to just transport..

i thin k it would be exactly the right size a for a "art-scale" vehicle.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, sort of. I was planning to use the landraider tracks and extend the rhino body. Here's a sneak peak at the "Artscale" Landraider I've been working on for my Grey Knights. Full credit should go to Doghouse's original here.

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Any chance of a Tutorial of how you did these? They are simply amazing. Would love to get myself an Artscaled Techmarine or 2.
I will do a tutorial sometime in the next few weeks. The techmarine will be one of the more challenging models to do, but I'm very keen to try.

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i love your work so much I want to have sex with it. The Dark Angel in particular is awesome.
Ever so slightly worried . Er... what Dark Angel?

Also got a work in progress shot of the Vulkan He'stan conversion. It's a little rough but most of the sculpting done so far is going to be covered by his huge cloak and other gubbins. I've tried to concentrate on getting the pose right first, as if he's stepping forward, much like in the artwork. The finished piece will look like something in between the artwork in the codex and the official model. Note: the head attached to the body is just a stand in to give a feel for the final look (I want to paint the head before attaching it).