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Thread: Thor's Penal Legion

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    Thor's Penal Legion

    I obviously never finish any of my projects. So I'm doing a few squads of Penal Legion troops and a Lord Commissar just for fun. I'm using my priest from my Necromunda redemption crusade as a commisar. I think he makes a good one for a Penal Legion.

    I was thinking of changing the gun and the shoulder pads from camo to the yellow/black caution paint scheme but am unsure

    Here are some pics to start:

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    Re: Thor's Penal Legion

    I like the colour scheme, how did you paint the camo pattern?

    That is one very scary commissar though.

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    Re: Thor's Penal Legion

    Nice flame work on the commissar. And nice camo to, I think u shud leave the shoulderpads as cam.

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    Re: Thor's Penal Legion

    Thanks, the Camo scheme is Catachan green base coat. Stiple camo green, then wash the whole thing with Ogryn Flesh or Flesh wash if you still have it. That's it.

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