"The Defence of Terra."

Nothing new here, just a fun group shot. Now onto a new finished model...

Custodes Shield-Captain Hyperion

I put the finishing touches to my Custodian Shield-Captain last week. He's a Scibor Miniatures 'Sci-Fi Centurion' model with a plastic GW guardian spear.

"The Custodian Guard muster for war."

A group shot of all my Custodes so far.

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Properly awe inspiring!
The amount of patience these must take is seriously jaw dropping.
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Man these are outstanding/amazing/awesome. Its weird how the light up eyes suddenly make the marines s&^* you pants scary. That guardsman certainly doesn't look happy.
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A lot of work but great Army (light show) shot. Never knew there was such an issue with "Yellow" , whoops I mean "Yriel Yellow".
Thank you very much for your kind words everyone, they help keep me motivated! Haha, yes Jacka, of all the main army colours I've painted, yellow is definitely the most time consuming. Conversely, the dark blue of the Crimson Fists has been the easiest.