Hello again my fellow Warseers. I'm back after a short hobby break due to the birth of my second child at the end of November. This has obviously curtailed my already limited hobby time, but I do have this guy to show you...

Crimson Fist Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword

Also, over Christmas I had a little play around with my Crimson Fists and Orks to create this modern reinterpretation of the classic Rogue Trader cover art.

The Last Stand

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Hey there, great to see you guys are still around! I only recently returned here and have lost the "Dannage" account details, but I played against... Oooh, I think it was Bob Hunk in a TF campaign. I built a Leviathan.

I am currently visiting my brother for Christmas and he's asking for the best place to source magnets and I thought of you! (Hence being glad to see you are back and posting ha haaa!)

I did some thread searching but I can't find if you mention where you get magnets from. Is there a decent supplier in UK/Europe? (A lot of web pages on the topic are 10 years old!)

Great to see you guys are still going, though I can imagine frustrating after all your truscaling hard work, that they released the Primaris! I feel for you!!
Ah, hi, great to see you on here. Yeah at first we were a bit shocked, but as you can see from the comparison photo earlier in the thread, true scale is still larger than Primaris scale, haha.

For magnets in the UK, I've always used Hasslefree Miniatures as they're cheap and convenient. You should also be able to find some good stuff on eBay.

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Excellent work all round. You have certainly added a different element to your armies.

I'm not sure whether you made your own... but if you haven't already seen these, here's a link to some ready made, clear swords, in various colours and sizes:

Interesting, thanks for the tip Inso! I do cast my own stuff though. I tend to use white resin rather than clear resin, as it is a better diffuser of the light.

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Now that's a power sword!
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Always a treat to see what you're doing here!
Thanks very much guys!