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Thread: High Elf colour schemes

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    High Elf colour schemes

    I decided to paint my High Elves using a red and white colour scheme. I remember reading somewhere in the army book that colour schemes mainly comprise of white with another colour identifying where the army originates from. Im trying to write a bit of background for my warhost and wondered if any one could point me in the right direction or any one knew which colours represent which parts of Ulthuan, specifically red.

    Also I may be using Alith Anar in my army, In the army book he is pictured painted white & blue, but again I would replace the blue for red, Im thinking he would have a change of clothes to match the army he is accompanying but as a new high elf player i want to be sure im not breaking any fluff by painting him this way.

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    Re: High Elf colour schemes

    Back in the 5th edition almost all models where painted white and red and I'm not a 100% sure on this, but I think they where supposed to be from Eataine. Blue are Tyrions defenders I believe and thus not from a specific province.

    I have no idea about the other provinces, except maybe Avelorn, seems like their colour would be green.

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    Re: High Elf colour schemes

    I think you'll find the provincial colour schemes on the HE webpage,

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