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Thread: Painting Beastmen

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    Painting Beastmen

    Hello, I've just finished converting, basing and priming my Beasts of Chaos warband, and now the only thing left to do is paint them. But I don't know which colors I want to use. The Games Workshop website used to have a ton of differently painted examples, and I remember there was one that caught my eye long before I even owned the figures. I believe it had gray in it, or gray was an important color in the skin/fur. But now they are gone, and I'm stuck. I hate brown/red beastmen, I think they are too common. I will be painting the mutations in many different garish and outlandish colors, but I want a consistent color scheme for the rest of the herd. If anyone can provied me with some picture examples or basecoat/mid tone/highlight examples, I'd really appreciate it. I swear I'll post pictures when I'm done!
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    Re: Painting Beastmen

    I think they were the nurgle ones. they had like dwarven flesh skin and grey fur.

    otherwise you could always look up pictures goats and other farm animals.

    I painted my old ones with pink/pale skin with black fur.
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    Re: Painting Beastmen

    I'm using dark grays and browns in my army, mostly. I think that the less conventional colors look great, especially in a Tzeentch flavored horde. There are some blue Beastmen armies that look awesome. You could use a muted coloration if you want the focus to be on the mutations.
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    Re: Painting Beastmen

    I do white skin, and med-brown fur.

    I was deciding between that and black skin with red fur.

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