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    ouch!! WOC

    2000 point
    festus (Genral) 185
    BSB with the book and dispel scroll on chariot 260
    level 2 of nurgle with infernal puppet 175
    level 2 of nurgle skull of katam 190

    12 warriors of nurgle with standard and raptureus standard with shields 212
    20 marraurders of nurgle with light armour and shield 140
    5 marauder horsemen with throw axes and musician 81
    3x 5 dogs 90

    5 chaos knights of mark of nurgle 230 (No command)
    3 dragon ogers 231

    Giant 205 1678


    what do you think

    tactcis wise
    all 3 foot caracters in the marauder block which acts as bunker with the chariot dude with in 3in of the side (so everyone gets +1 to cast) give everyone burbus and fireball/ flameing sword

    the knights are screaned by the marauders while the ogers are screaned by 1 unit of dogs while the other 2 units get in the way

    Background (for anyone who cares)
    festus home town after he went crazy, the marrauders are the town swordmen, the warrior the town greatswords, the marrauders the town pistolires, the knights are a local kightly order and the dragon ogers and the giant are two examples of festusus experaments
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    maybe giant has something magical in his pants? :S

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