Ok and hi to all who stop by. This is my log to try and help me get round to finishing an army. With the release of the new guard (and having followed several logs on here for ages) I decided to get myself into gear and get on with it.

So the army - am a huge guard fan - have been for about 12 years (started when I was 8) and have continuously bought built and failed at guard armies - TILL NOW. I enjoy the Armageddon history and the lovely models that were made for it and wated to try something special for the ork hunters of Armageddon.

So plans - to start a simple 'army' (I don't play and so this is simply an exercise in modelling, fluff and maybe even a story or two if your lucky/ want it enough/ i can be a***d)

Still to build
still to get

Armageddon ork hunters - 4th regiment 12th company (liable to change)
Company command
1st platoon - platoon command
- 2/3 squads ork hunters

Veteran Ork hunters squad
Ogryns (possibly westwind models)
sentinel squadron(need another 2 to complete squadron)
heavy weapons teams

Attached -
112th Regiment Armageddon Steel Legion 8th Company
Alpha platoon

- platoon command
- 2 squads(?)
will try and mount them all up in chimeras as well but make em look more jungle-ified.

So thats the idea till i have some more money/have built and painted enough to keep my fiance happy
The majority of the army will be equipped with lasguns with a scattering of ork weapons replacing pistols and ccws - vets may have more serious conversion work, the plan being to use these illustrations as reference for my models -

(images property of GWS used without permission, where possible, referenced)

So thats enough chatter - heres some work in progress pics -

Company command standard bearer - attempting to follow the image above (very very WIP) - still needs new bionic eye sculpting, ork head held in hand hanging down, backpack and weapons + other trophies

The first sentinel of the squadron - weapons magnetised and scout and armageddon tops interchangable. more complete than above standard bearer but still wip.

to follow - more pics of what i've done so far, me attempting to sculpt in GS , first platoon, ratlings, snipers, company command and veterans galore - all in green-bashing goodness.

C&c very welcome, i will try and answer any questions you may have and will try and make updates as regular as possible - more pics to follow in morning when i am less tired.
- Confused