so i finally decided to go with dark elves for my second army, and im shooting for a balanced 1500 point list. this is what ive come up with so far( i just bought the batallion box, and 2 boxes of warriors tonight)

Master, BSB, great weapon, armor of darkness

Lvl 2 Sorceress, lifetaker

25 warriors with full command and shields

10 crossbowmen with shields

6 harpies

5 dark riders with xbows

6 shades with great weapons

5 cold one knights with standard

14 black guard with standard and musician and ASF banner

7 Executioners

1 bolt thrower

this is about 1450 points as is so it gives me room to play

i know everyone thinks executioners suck, but the models are cool as hell and i think they will do ok as a flanker for the BG or warrior units. though if i try them and dont like them, i can easily swap em for a cold one chariot. the harpies and shades can do my war machine duties.

im kinda concerned about being magic "light" at 1500, but i sorceress's arent cheap at 100 points each. im debating dropping lifetaker for a dispell scroll, but i really like that crossbow.

to expand to 2k id add a hydra, and probably another lvl 2 sorceress, but i wanna nail this out first.