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Thread: Help pls with Galrauch-Throgg army...

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    Help pls with Galrauch-Throgg army...

    Hi all. I am looking for something a bit fun. I have toyed with non-engagement Druchii for my next army along with Asrai but I feel the pull of Chaos. There are two main pulls:

    - I have a gorgeous Galrauch mini.
    - I like the idea of converting Ogre Bulls into Nurglish Trolls.

    However, I have no idea how to make a solid list with these two in mind. I was thinking of a Nurgle Sorceror Lord on Dragon as Nurgle is better than Tzeentch magic. Then between the Lord and Throgg I have magic and a BSB.

    Any ideas?

    PS: This will hopefully be moved to the right forum so just reply as though it was in the army list forum, I have notified a mod of my mistake.
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