After serious lurking in this site I finally decided to contribute something of my own also. I recently started painting a Vampire Counts "army" for our warbands games. I'm in no hurry and as my real life sometimes tends to get in the way I can only hope that this log keeps me painting.

I'm kind of a lazy painter. I tend not to finalize my minis but then again I only battle with a couple of friends and just like to keep my armies painted.

Without further bs here's some pics of currently "finished" undeads.

A shot of my zombies:

A close-up

Beginning of a skeleton regiment:

Ghost host:

And the current general of my army - necromancer converted from Lord of Nurgle:

As a huge fan of HoMM gameline I decided to theme the army according the newest version of the game. My lord will be Markal the Necromancer and most characters will be from the game also. The standard the skeleton is bearing carries the heraldry of Bull County (as pictured in the HoMM art book).