im looking for parts to start building an Arkos the Faithless as he appears in the siege of vraks 1, I know that book seems to have been written before the newer chaos codex so some of his options are no longer in the codex

he just seems a cool character, real cold and calculating (and he actually beat the chapter master of the dark angels hand to hand, which is always nice)

wargear: bionics, combi melta

gifts: mark of chaos undivided, spiky bits, daemonic aura, daemonic resilience, dark blade

ive already discussed it with my regular opponents and we all agree he is not over powered or broken in any way (i could get a daemon prince for cheaper with better stats)

ok on to what i need:

bionics: i was thinking of the old iron hands squad sargeant, anybody know anything better?

combi melta: the one from the chaos terminator lord or chaos terminators seems to big, any smaller combi meltas out there?

dark blade: this is basically just a pitch black sword, the blade itself has no marks or decoration on it but the handle and pommel are often vey intricate, thinking maybe the space marine command squad company champions sword, any better ideas?