The first part "The Watcher" is a little intro to a character I want to develop as time goes on, he's the General of the WE army I'm plannig to collect.

The Watcher

The blades rang as they clashed, the sound reverberating throughout the clearing, like a bell tolling for the coming death that the watcher would soon bear witness to.

He eyed the warriors impassively, knowing their skill, feeling their anger and hatred welling up within them as they strove for dominance in this bitter struggle.

His gaze flitted towards Ghrazil Bloodeye, Kurgan chieftan of the Wind Talon clan, famed throughout the steppes for his deadly skill with the scimitar and a long way from home with his dread Daemonblade, Zreloth'Naar.

Across the way, the other combatant was breathing slowly and steadily despite his heavy suit of armour and the weight of the blessed greatsword he swung with an ease bordering on the contemptuous.

He was filled with contempt, this Knight of Bretonnia, this Alain de Volchaire, contempt for the lowborn scum before him, who dared bar his way.

The watcher's contempt ran even deeper, he despised both of these mighty warriors, their very presence in the clearing filling him with a disgust normally only reserved for base abominations such as the Orc or Goblin races.

No matter, it would be over very soon.

The fighters rushed towards one another, their steel ripping through the air as it sought flesh and bone to cleave asunder, eyes focusing on one another as they sought out the slightest weakness to exploit, to transform it into a fatal opening.

A brutal backhand cut from Ghrazil was bareley deflected by the knight, his greatsword turning the scimitar from his unprotected face as a vicous forward kick slammed him backwards into a mighty oak. Taking advantage of the stunning blow, Ghrazil barrelled forward with a two-handed slash towards Alain's midriff, an attack that would surely end it.

A split second before the strike landed Alain flew aside, Zreloth'Naar biting deep into the trunk of the ancient tree and wedging firmly.

The knights strike was like lightning, hacking the Chaos warrior's arms off at the elbows, his life blood spurting from the wounds as he collapsed to his knees.

This was it, the Watcher knew that the end had arrived, they had fought each other to a standstill for hours but it would finish in moments.

Alain's sword came down in an arc into Ghrazil's thick, bullish neck, decapitating him cleanly, the Knight finishing his wounded foe as quickly and painlessly as possible.

"At last," muttered Alain as he knelt to clean this gore from his holy blade, "It is over."

The Watcher's arrow took him in the back of the head, killing him instantly.

"Yes." said Taelinal, Watcher of the Way, "It is."