Looking for input from anyone that plays Rackham's Confrontation (Skirmish?) and/or Rag Narok (Large Scale/Army?)...

Obviously, the miniatures are beautiful (as are the orricial paint jobs too, of course!). Arguably the best out there.

But, how does the game play?

Now that Confrontation 3rd edition is out, is now the time to jump in?

Is the story/background as confusing as it appears to be, from an outsider's perspective?

No the skirmish and army level games play close enough so that confusion between the two is minimal?

And, most importantly, are the games fun?

As a point of reference, most of my wargaming experience has been 40k (since 2nd edition) and WFB (since, er, no idea, but around the time of 40k 2nd edition)!