Or rather, the start of 'em. Here are the first two pieces of my "I'm not starting and Ork army" Ork army.... I modeled up "Da Hot Rod" about a year ago and finally got around to painting it. The army is based on hot rod/kustom car culture, psychobilly, punk rock, etc. Its basically going to be a Goff Kult of Speed, or at least and outcast retinue of Goffs, haven't really worked up any fluff.

First up we have the Da Hot Rod itself. This is a basic Ork Trukk kit with some major conversion. This model follows the traditional hot rod look with flat black paint, white-wall tires, red wheels, red motor and a lot of bare metal. I've seen a few real rods with a checkered firewall and have always wanted to do it..so it finally happened. The suspension has been dropped and converted to a 4 wheel vehicle from 6. This was done by cutting the leaf-spring suspension off of it and turning the axles upside down. The rear armor plates cut to make perfect "chopped" doors. The bed has been narrowed and shortened along with the gas tank being moved back there. The motor is the trukk engine with some old rhino exhaust pipes for valve covers and plastic rod for sparkplug wires. The blower is off a 1/24th scale kit I nabbed from my fathers extensive collection of model car whatnots. :P

Second up is the warboss himself. I've yet to name him but suppose it will have "Grim" in it somewhere since thats the glyph I painted on his backplate. This is a plastic ork warbike as base. I wedged an old warbuggy tire on the rear and used one of the front spiky bits to make a fender. A little bit of greenstuff and some other orky whatnots serves to hide the join. I set it up with dual exhaust partially for looks, and again partially to hide the merge of the huge tire. The front tire is another buggy tire only I cut it down the middle to narrow it. I turned the fork so it had a bit more dynamic pose. Yea, it doesn't have the dakkaguns because I think they look silly, and the bike is suppose to fit my "stripped down, go fasta" look. Its basically a "bobber" cycle. The rider is the nob from the bike kit with one of the plastic nob power klaws. The head is an older metal nob head (far better detail than the plastic ones) that has a new daemonette mohawk grafted onto it (since he's punk rock like that...). Painting was done just like Da Hot Rod with black/red/whitewalls. I had some issues with the sealer on this but have salvaged it best I can.