Hi guys,

Well, after being away for like 2 years, I decided to start painting a few weeks ago. Main reason was not going to the US on holiday 'cause my dad got a new hip:chrome: So I'm stuck at home, helping around. Great opportunity to get some painting done, right:P

I visited the GW store yesterday and heard there's a painting comp every first saturday of the month. Next one is September 6. It wil be an open competition. Not quite sure what to enter, but I've got a few options:

1. ratling squad: 3 done, 2 PIP, gonna make a simple scenic display base

2. macharius with vulcan mega bolter turret: assembled, some gaps filled. Obviously it needs a lot of work done

3. Imperial Fist Vet: the Pedro Kantor model, other helmet and banner. Being assembled now, also started working on a display base for him.