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Thread: Kholek Suneater Conversion

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    Kholek Suneater Conversion

    Ages ago I started a Beasts of Chaos Army with lots of dragon ogres, with the release of the Warriors of Chaos I had to make a Dragon Ogre Army lead by Kholek Suneater. These photos so my work so far on Kholek Suneater. Once I have some paint on him then I will post further pictures.

    The rest of the army is converted to look like dragon ogres and hopefully I can post some photos of the other units soon

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    Re: Kholek Suneater Conversion

    That's pretty sweet
    Definitely has the potential to be one of the better kholek conversions around, IMO. I love the torso especially, where's that from?
    The main problem that I can see are in the feet and front legs of the dragon part, I think they lack detail, and the toes of the main feet are far too thin. Check out these threads for sculpting advice/inspiration, some of their stuff is awesome:

    Also I'm not a big fan of using the giant head. It's too recognisable, even with the cowl thing you've given it, and I think a major project like this should have it's own unique head if possible Not quite sure what you could use, just giving my opinion

    Aside from that, I think it's really good. The joining of the two bodies is really good, and that torso and arms looks fantastic.

    Only other thing is the hammer... I'm not a big fan of the house-sized hammers people always seemt o give kholek. To me it looks a bit ridiculous, especially with such a thin haft. Maybe try scaling it down a bit?

    Anyway, really looking forward to seeing him painted, hope you do him justice
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    Re: Kholek Suneater Conversion

    I really like the sculpting. I have tried to do small areas of similar texture with amateur results, and can really appreciate how hard it can be. I do agree with RaZer about the hammer, it appears much too big in your photo. Even if it is scaled down proportional to your model, it will still be huge compared to most other man-sized miniatures.
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