Well after being in the hobby for quite some time I have decided to get into terrain like never before, I have amassed a lot of terrain, including Imperial sectors and cities, shrines of the aquilla, fantasy fortress, FW ork totems, LE GW terrain pieces; Dwarf stronghold, graveyard, wizards tower, hills, trees, bunkers, bastions, barricades and so on...

Though besides the premade stuff... al of it is to do and only about half made!!! So I have decided to start this log to get advice, peoples opinions and most of all, to keep me motivated.

First of all here is a few test pieces of the CoD kits:

Now a new update after quite awhile. I have started on my terrain after having only a few buildings for ages I ahve started on the Ruinss of Malnor.

Here is a few WIP pics of my city ruins.

And some of my fantasy terrain in action... still needs to be finished.

(It was a draw by the way )

I will be focusing on 40k terrain for the forseeable future and will be doing a lot of GW but also terrain by Amera and when I get my hands on some, some by urban mammoth (or whatever its called) hope you all like!