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    Hi everyone,

    me and some mates have been playing bloodbowl for the past few months on a friday. Once the league has finished we are going to have a few weeks of playing the new Space Hulk then the winner of the bloodbowl is picking what we are playign next. I'm currently winning the bloodbowl and i'm thinking of playing some Inquisitor. I'm pretty new to Inquisitor and have never actually played before but i like the idea as do all the other guys i play with on a friday.

    I'm currently unsure of how many character's we'll be allowed so i have written an Interrigator and retinue but made it so i can cut characters if i have to. If we are only allowed 1 (which is fairly likely due to time restrictions) I think i will be doing a crusader.

    I haven't yet got a full writen background etc but i have some ideas for both using him individually (my friend is wanting to do an inquisitor so other characters will probably form his retinue) and also for using him in my own retinue. What i am struggling to find is where crusaders are recruited so any help there would be much appreciated

    I think i have gotten his profile pretty sorted but some suggestions for improvement are much appreciated. The actual character is a fiery, yet disciplined and honourable warrior (probably going to die heroicly at some point in the campaign! ) I haven't yet decided on his home-world or education etc as i'm waiting for some information on crusader recruitment first. Here is the profile:

    Crusader Adrian de Vallo

    WS - 80
    BS - 42
    S - 76
    T - 64
    I - 63
    Wp - 69
    Sg - 51
    Nv - 80
    Ld - 76

    Equipment: Metal Suppresion Shield, Carapace Armour (Full Body), Open Helmet, Bastard sword, Armoured Gauntlets.

    Bionics: Average Bionic Right Eye.

    Skills: True Grit.

    Other Information: Right Handed, Aged 60+?

    As for the other characters I have:
    • Interrigator Katherine (Ordo Hereticus, stong will and good CC and shooting ability. Carries a spear, Bolt pistol and a hand flamer mounted in her right gauntlet. Her breastplate incorporates Hexagramic wards.)
    • Sister Alicia, Order of Serenity (Sister Hospitaller, strong will and keen intelligence but lacking combat ability)
    • Lucrecia (Assassin, I want her to be more of a snipey assassin than the traditional combat monster. Armed with a Long-Rifle, needle Pistol, 4 throwing knives and pair of shotswords. Her pistol uses bloodfire poisons.)
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