First, an admission: I'm not a very good painter (lack of talent, patience, time, etc...), so I really struggle w/blending and shading. Highlighting and drybrushing for me are hit or miss.

I've been dipping painted models since this summer; it's a tip I picked up from some of my historicals wargaming buddies and a friend at USGWHQ. If you're unfamiliar w/the process, it's basic system is very simple. Paint the model by number (i.e.: just apply the paint scheme: no drybrushing, no inking, no shading, no blending, no highlighting). Then dip the model into a polyurathane stain (i.e.: a wood stain mixed w/polyurathane, like Minwax Polyshades), usually Antique Walnut. Shake the model vigorously to remove the excess. Let dry for 24 hrs, and finally spray w/a matte coat. Your finished product turns out faux-shaded and faux-blended paint job.

This method is catching on w/undead players, tyranid players, and lizzies. However, I've adapted it for my Ogre army. B/c the models are bigger, I gave each model a stark highlight/drybrushing and inked the weapons. I also brushed the "dip" onto the models so that I could more easily control how the "dip" pooled.

Onto the samples ...

4 bulls and an irongut

post-dipping front

post-dipping back

post-matte front

post-matte back

I've got more examples w/close-ups: Ironfists, Ironguts, Leadbelchers.

Thoughts? Ideas?