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Thread: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

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    Unhappy Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    @nedius Yes but I fear a drastic difference in quality.

    Nedius I saw a post you made that is a couple pages back about creating non copyright infringing tiles. This is essentially what im getting at. I want tangable tiles. if GamesWorkshop would make them I WOULD buy them, but it doesnt seem like they will anytime soon.
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    Angry Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    yeah it doesn't look like GW like to do anything for the fans these days. new floor tiles, mission expansions and even new troop types would all be welcomed. what happened to hybrids such...? and to top it.... a limited run on the new space hulk? c'mon!!! i was lucky to get one before some cut-throat tout bought them by the hundreds only to sell them on ebay.

    still i had to get mine from the usa cost me 90!

    render unto the veterans games workshop!
    reopen the specialist games range!!!!!!!

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset


    You can make pretty descent card tiles yourself, believe me. I've seen a few tutorials, maybe even hidden here somewhere, fo making your own 'embossed' versions of some of the new tiles designed by users.

    If you want your own tiles, do you want card or 3D?

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Have used this tile set to start getting my own written missions on to my newly made Space Hulk blog. Mission One is up now. Give it a look at

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Hey, this works like a charm on my pc!!
    AND is awesoem for realtime mapping during RPG sessions-
    However I encountered a very odd error.

    I installed first TileSystem_SpaceHulk3E_306
    and then figures_beta_small

    I installed it no my GFs laptop to use the HDIM port to get it on my tv.
    But when I start the program it says:
    " Error, could not open c:\users -- blabla - - \TileSystem_SpaceHulk3E_306\Genestealer.set" File does not exist."

    -But it does, and its there. The program proceeds to open in a screen with white grid, and only the "blip" and Genestealer" tokens available.

    - - so I thought I installed wrong - copied my own folder (witch works fine) into dropbox and then onto her laptop - same result.-

    I opened the file FROM dropbox on my computer -and it works - then on hers - and it dont!! WFT??!

    What am I missing here? Do tilesystem.exe require jave, flash or some other script executer that her new laptop might not have come with installed.

    Please assist -For the Glory of the Emperor!! xD

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    CRasterImage, if you're still working on the TileSystem, any chance you're open to simple feature request? As I'm using the map editor, I find myself switching between Edit Tool and the Pan Tool a lot, and it's annoying to have to drag the mouse up to the toolbar and click each button. If there were a hotkey for this, it would be fantastic. Or better yet, something similar to Photoshop where Ctrl+Drag used the Pan tool (then we wouldn't have to explicitly alternate between the two).

    Anyways, amazing tool, love how open-ended it is, I've used it to create custom TileSets for the D&D Boardgames (Castle Ravenloft, Ashardalon, Drizzt), Earth Reborn, and Gears Of War, let alone the original Doom and a bunch of new tiles for a custom add-on I'm working on. Couldn't have done it without the TileSystem. Major Kudos!


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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Shnar, like Photoshop, you can hold down the SPACEBAR key and it will switch you to the pan tool.
    Then release the key and be back in the tool you were in.

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Hey all.

    Ok, I have gone through this thread, I'm not just being lazy... I am trying to figure out how to create your own sets... I did come across a few bits, but it was for adding single tiles to a pre-existing set etc. way back in 2009.

    Basically, i am creating a whole series of tiles from scratch, using 3d software and photoshop and would love to be able to put them in to this.

    What i want to do first though is create a complete reverse set of tiles, so all the same tiles, just flipped horizontally in Photoshop, while this wont matter for some tiles, for others it will instantly give you a new tile, especially on tiles like hall_BOS_A.png and for b, plus hall_WLSD_A.png

    I have already put together some new rooms from these pre-existing files, color changes, layout changes, new entry points etc. And am also working on some bio overrun tiles, so more genestealer infested looking tiles...

    Obviously, when i am done I will post up the results here, or send them to CRasterImage so he can include them in the final sets, but would like to get the reversed tiles in place, as well as some of the adjusted room etc. to test them out...

    This is an absolutely incredible little tool, especially for some of the home brew game stuff i do... another thing i am working on is a zombie game based off of this, once i am done with that, will happily post up the tile sets as well...

    Also for anyone who prints this stuff out to use, i have made some custom doors from various textures found on line...

    Thanks in advance for any help



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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Greetings all. I am new to the forums and looking through this thread, I noticed that CRasterImage (I believe) said that he couldn't find the Deathwing campaign book and the tiles that go with them. I did manage to find them online, but the tile pieces are in jpg format. Now I'll be the first to admit that I can't draw a straight line with a ruler and laser level, but if you are willing to transform the tiles into the correct png format, I can pm you with the file location and you can have a go at it. Let me also add that I think that this program is one of the best I have ever used for making maps. Keep up the brilliant work CRI!!!!

    My error. It wasn't the Deathwing campaign book he couldn't find. I guess it was the yellow cover campaigns book. My apologies for the mistake.
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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Quote Originally Posted by CRasterImage View Post
    @Bugstomper: Thanks dude!

    @AndrewGPaul: The images cannot be resized without making them no longer work in the Tilesystem program. If your goal is to print out each tile seperately so that it can be printed and cut out, then I think hellheart's idea is best. Insert them into Word and then resize them on the layout. Or, to cut down on time, you could arrange the tiles in tilesytem and then publish a series of single sheet jpegs and then paste those into Word. That way you only have to resize a single image per page, rather than half a dozen. Also, you would have to hack the gui.set file so that the publish background color was white and the grid didn't draw during publish.

    @hellheart: I plan to release an add-on tonight that has some new markers and stuff. I want to include your alternate marine control tile. Can you think of any other variants on it that might be useful?

    @general audience: If you are wondering why the .png files are done at 128 pixels per square (dpi) the reason is: It is a number that is easily reducable by powers of 2. Graphic rendering engines will often make "mip maps" out of images. These are a series of images of the main image, but each is reduced by a factor of 2. This is done for fast bilinear filtering. The smooth transition of color from pixel to pixel without dropping any data. Mipmaps look best (fewer artifacts) when the data is based on a size that is easily reducible by a power of 2.
    @AndrewGPaul: I found something that works a whole lot better than dropping it into a .doc file and playing with the sizes. Use the Inkscape program (google it, it's free) and just drop the .png file onto a letter size canvas and then save as a pdf. I'll upload one of them that I did (if I can at this level) to show you what it looks like.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails R2D.pdf  

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    If anyone fancies some different floorplans try these...

    Space Environments Floor Tile Set

    Explore the dark cavernous passages of the engineering section,
    long forgotten rusty crawl-ways leading to unknown fires in the old passages. Raise the alarm and set the emergency lights to guide your men to the fire or away to freedom.

    The Space Environments Engineering Floorplans vol1 is designed to allow you to create an exciting series of sci-fi scenarios for your gaming systems.

    The floorplans use 1 inch square 300dpi floor tiles and includes passageways, junctions and rooms allowing you to create unique adventures.

    Designed by the award winning artist Quicky, the engineering sections are designed to be combined with the other floorplans in the space environment range.

    This pack contains straights, L-bends, T-junctions, offset passages, hide-ways and room elements in four styles to combine and use as well as door and double door

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Those aren't bad, but not too hard to make yourself using plenty of free textures available on the web. The fire rooms are a neat feature, and beyond my ability, but the rest I could do easily enough, I think. Still for $8, it seems much less effort this way!

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Apologies for the threadmancy. Just wanted to thank the OP for his app. I've used it to make a few maps from the Vengeance of the Blood Angels game.

    You can see them over at BGG -

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    A few of those missions are taken from the EA Space Hulk game featuring the Death wing. If you are interested in such things I have made dozens of those into a campaign book for Space Hulk using this very set!

    You can find it here:

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Thanks, I came across that while looking for campaigns/missions for Space Hulk. I've only done the maps for the "Classic Missions" section so far, and couldn't do all of them due to some missing board tiles, like the last or so mission of the Classic Missions section where you probably need 3 or more sets of Space Hulk board tiles plus some special sections. Even for just the missions I have done the maps of you need at least 2 sets of Space Hulk board tiles!!

    Still need to work out blips for each mission though...
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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Well, I simply counted how many blips appeared in the game... You just watch the map and count them as they appear in the game.

    And for some of the missions from the original game, you need over 3 sets! Which... I have!

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Yeah I thought of counting them as they appear on the map, but that doesn't tell you how many the Genestealers start with, or how many arrive as reinforcements per turn, because there are no turns in VotBA due to it all being real time outside of the "frozen" pause time function.

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    The old PC game does. It shows you in the mission briefing how many blips are present at the start of the map - and then you can see the blips as they appear on all the maps except for the unmapped ones. So for the classic missions, you're best off actually using the old PC game. You can find downloads of it fairly easily. I've not got a working copy of Vengence, else I'd have done some of those missions.

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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    Ah yes I see what you mean. I dug out my old copy of the EA Space Hulk original game, and Dosbox, and installed it. It's a very difficult game though.

    I can see how many blips start, but as for reinforcements I'm not sure watching the blips as they come on to the map is all that helpful because there are no turns in the PC game, so all I can see is how many in total come on before all my terminators are dead!

    But yeah, I get the idea. I fired up VotBA again, started the Purify mission and immediately went to the map (which freezes the game automatically). I could see that 9 Genestealers were present. In the original PC game the same mission starts with 8 blips, so VotBA is almost exactly the same. In the original PC game you have 2 flamers, in VotBA you have 1 flamer, the other has turned into a PF/SB Terminator, hence the extra blip I guess.

    For my tabletop version of Purify I'm setting that as 9 blips to start with then 1 blip per turn for reinforcements as that seems about right to me.
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    Re: Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    How are you running VotBA? I can't get it working?

    And, for the larger rooms, you can make your own tiles editing those in this tileset. I've done so, but never been able to get them into the editor - despite the advice on this thread.

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