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    DoC no GD or SC 2250 (new list 6/10/09)

    righto well i bought the book before i got to find out that playing the army makes you a huge tool, so instead of never playing the army i thought id give a list a shot that didn't get to OP in my view so here goes:

    herald of khorne, armour of khorne, fireblade, juggernaut of khorne

    Herald of Tzeentch, power vortex

    Herald of Tzeentch, Master of sorcery (lore of metal most likely, or death if facing elves)

    herald of nurgle, Palanquin, slime trail, noxious vapours, bsb, great banner of sundering

    10 pink horrors of tzeentch unit for tzeentch herald

    10 pink horrors of tzeentch unit for tzeentch herald

    15 plaguebearers bunker for BSB

    18 bloodletters, standard, champ

    18 bloodletters, standard, champ

    5 Flesh hounds warmachine hunters

    5 Flesh hounds warmachine hunters

    2 bloodcrushers bunker for herald

    3 Flamers
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