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Thread: StraightSilver's Macragge PDF (pics soon)

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    StraightSilver's Macragge PDF (pics soon)

    Hi everybody.

    Well after a loooong time away from my paint brushes I have once again decided not to finish what I was doing previously but start something new instead!

    The funny thing is rather than start something completely different I have at least decided to start an army that can be incorporated into 2 of my existing armies!

    So I have an almost finished 2000 point Cadian Army, and a half finished 1500 point Ultramarines army.

    I actually surprised myself by really enjoying painting the Ultramarines, in particular the Scouts, and I learned a lot painting my Cadians, in particular how I could have finished them much sooner (they took 4 years on and off!!).

    So I decided with the arrival of the new IG Codex to start a new Imperial Guard army, but the idea was that I could paint it up slowly and incorporate it into my existing Guard army, as I will be painting up new units that are lacking in my Cadians.

    I will be constructing a 1500 point army which will be based around my interpretation of the Macragge PDF.

    This therefore means bleached bone fatigues and Ultramarines Blue armour. The figures will pretty much match the colour scheme of Ultramarines Scouts.

    For cool factor and also to speed things up all the models will be getting Forge World Respirator Heads, which means no faces to paint except on sergeants which will make painting easier.

    I can paint tanks pretty fast too, and as I already have a fairly infantry heavy Cadian army this army will be fully mechanised with quite a few tanks.

    Because Macragge PDF units are apparently better equipped and more disciplined than most Guard Regiments my troops choices will be veterans and there will be a high prevalence of plasma weaponry.

    I will also be heavily converting my vehicles, using a combination of Guard and Marine parts to give the impression of better equipment and a link to the Ultramarines themselves.

    I have only just started assembling the first squad: A 10 man Veteran Squad with Autocannon and 2 plasma guns in a Chimera, but I hope to have something to show very soon.

    I am mainly running this PLOG to motivate me to get something done as I am notorious for slacking and haven't painted for several months!

    My army will also follow the Codex Astartes, so will feature Marine markings (Tactical Squad arrows), helmet colours (red for sergeants, white for Veterans etc) and will have Ultramarines logos to represent Ultamar.

    They will also be split up into 10 companies, but still follow a Guard Platoon Structure.

    I plan to have no Penal Troops, Ogryns or Ratlings in this army as they don't fit into the epitome of Imperial Society that Utramar represents, but there will be lots of Vets, Stormtroopers, Sentinels etc.

    Anyway, that's about it, hopefully have WIP piccies in next couple of days!
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