Happy Halloween if you're in a part of the world that celebrates it.
I put together some equipment cases this time and added a second sheet with electronic devices in them as well.
Something you might see in a field post or Mobil HQ. I hope to have a sheet with small tents too eventually.
The explosion was an experiment. I am not real happy with it
I saw something similar that was 3 to 4 cm tall that worked better at a small size.
I was going to do a multi part one similar to the Litko nuclear explosion, but I'm not sure now.
I may use this picture from a French test? It would be about 2 feet (66cm) long if I do it.
If want to use the small explosion you have to print it twice to have enough parts to make one explosion.
That's it. I leave you with "Hello WHAT!"
I didn't photo shop it, I just added the caption.