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Thread: Tale of Seven Gamers - Prologue

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    Tale of Seven Gamers - Prologue

    About a month ago, I was sitting at work thinking of collecting a new warhammer army. I had previously intended not to collect a new one, but earlier in the day I had seen some advance pictures of the Skaven Plague Furnace and my mind was changed. I had always been more than casually interested in Skaven, and the Lustria book a few years back made me consider collecting them, but I was always put off by the number of models. This time around, the new models meant that I had no such qualms.

    I was in a bit of a quandry at the time. I usually get a serious case of new army syndrome whenever a book is released, but this time it was a bit different. Usually, I can convince myself that the painting side will be a simple matter and a couple of months later, I still have a bunch of unpainted models. For the Skaven, I could not lie to myself - there was going to be a lot of models involved. This time I needed a better plan to try and get a fully painted army (and thus allow myself to collect them). I hit upon the idea of getting some friends involved in a painting pact, much like the "Tale of 4 Gamers" from WD of antiquity. I did a quick check among gamers I know locally (I live in two continents 65/35 split Canada/UK) and found a fair few of them in a similar boat. Fate seemed to be smiling on me as now I had a decent reason to allow myself to collect Skaven, and a good incentive to get some paint on models for once. The state of the game has directed my attention elsewhere for a while, but It will be nice to have a painted force ready for the upcoming 8th ed (next year at some point).

    Many of the players who have joined the painting group have similar stories to tell, and they will no doubt add them to this thread as we move on.

    After getting 6 other players on board, I sent accross a set of loose rules for participating which were accepted by the other painters. Basically the rules were thus: paint 2250 points of a fantasy army in 4 stages between now and late March/Early April. I initially wished to prevent special characters and the like, then conceeded that this actually should not matter and therefore there were no army restrictions at all. I picked 2250 as the limit because I'm from the Uk and its becoming a more common gaming level. The Canadian members of the group will therefore have the option to play at this level, or will have 250 of models to switch armound their normal lists. Everyone seemed interested in this points level as it changes the general rules of composition a fair bit. Usually people have to think hard about what to have in and must make the choice about including an interesting unit or having the proven good unit everyone else uses. At this level, you usually can have both, which is why I think I prefer it. You find more unusual combination are taken and thats always a good thing.

    The basic Breakdown (as the weeks may change a little) is thus: create a 2250 army that can roughly be broken down into 4 parts.

    Stage 1: 750 (from today until early Jan)
    Stage 2: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)
    Stage 3: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)
    Stage 4: 500 (4-5 Weeks fromn that point)

    This was to be done as near as possible but room was given to the players to be over or under to full units costs. I didnt want to affect the construction of the army too heavily just so people had to make sure they were hitting exact numbers with each part. I asked players to document as they build/paint each stage and to try and get some games in at each level. We will all no doubt update this thread with those pictures/stories/reports as the weeks go by, so please keep checking back here to see what we are up to!

    I will be posting the list and breakdown (into stages) of each player later today. From there I will invite the players to makes posts detailing their current activities. Please feel free to join in and comment.

    Des Brennan (packmaster of the seven painters)
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