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Thread: Mini Movie Reviews 2 - The Reviewening

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    Re: Mini Movie Reviews 2 - The Reviewening

    It (2017)

    I rather liked this. It looks really good with a fantastic eighties feel about it. A few jump scares and some creepy stuff will please the horrorphiles. There is some well placed low key humour as well.
    But there is an issue: its so eighties it feels like a horror film from that decade. It uses so many horror cliches ( abandoned old house, party getting split up, going upstairs instead of out the door etc etc) that instead of being scary, I was laughing at it rather a lot, something not intended by the film makers.
    There is unsettling horror here - evil child abuse dad being one, but for me it was over shadowed by silly cliches. Maybe I'm not the intended audience, maybe this is a horror film for the new generation who haven't seen any of the silly tat eighties horror films.
    Hopefully part two will be more unsettling. "Wanna balloon Georgie? They float down here. They all do....."

    Watch (with a pinch of salt)

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    Re: Mini Movie Reviews 2 - The Reviewening

    Quote Originally Posted by Easy E View Post
    I watched the new series of MST3k- The Return! with Jonah.

    I was suitably amused for most of the movies. Starcrash is like my arch-nemesis as I have tried to watch it 7 times but only failed to fall asleep once. Even the MST3K version of it was barely enough to keep me going. That movie is brutal!

    The Christmas that Almost Wasn't and Yongary were surprisingly tepid episodes as well.

    Otherwise, bang-up job and I hope they do another season! I was suitably amused! A bit of a surprise ending for the over-arching story too.
    Hmmm, still on the fence if I should give the new series a go. But maybe it's fun....

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