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I have no idea about Thunderhawk rules, but I am aware that back in the later 2nd edition days you could at least purchase a metal Thunderhawk kit through Citadel Journal. It cost around 400 £, weighted a lot, and there was a warning that it would be a real pain to assemble.
I remember the adverts. I don't think I ever saw one, though I did encounter the Armorcast kits from time to time. One of my opponents took the Eldar tank without letting me know, so when the think just stood there sucking up punishment, it threw me for a bit of a loop.

Happily for me, my opponent didn't really know how to exploit his advantage and the thing was so big it couldn't really navigate the urban nightmare of the game board. I positioned a squad of devastators around it (2 combat squads) and slowly wore it down.