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Thread: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

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    Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Okay, so, I know the Orks can't REALLY loot a Devilfish or Hammerhead.

    That's not to say they wouldn't try though. And, with enough MekBoys, and Orky ingenuity, They could make it work. Sort of. So, whilst It may not be a skimmer anymore, and those fancy pulse weapons may be gone, it did at least START it's life as a Tau tank.

    It'll use the Ork VDR rules when it's done. I think it's a Longrange ZZap gun for the main turret and a couple TwinLinked big shootas in cupolas down front. Red Paint Job, and all the goodies, at the end.

    Of course, those fancy Tau engines don't do the Orks any good, so... they rig themselves up a nice big Internal Combustion engine in the passenger bay. (1/24th Chevy 427) A few pieces from some old model kits (front suspension, rear axle, engine) a little chopping of the tank kit, a few brass bits for leaf springs, and we get a rolling Hammerhead. The nacelles will be plenty Orkified, as will the cockpit.

    Right now it's preliminary fittings, and rough construction. The engine's not glued, which is why it's laying on it's side right now. Kinda forgot to set that up when I took the snapshot. Plenty of things that need to be covered, or gouged out, or built up. Anyway, Images of it now.

    I know this is only a single model project, but I will be updating as I go on it, and it will probably be fairly longterm, as I realize small bitz and pieces that I'll need to continue, etc. I figured this was the most appropriate place for it.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Sounds like a nice idea. How were you looking at doing the transmission? Something like a chain drive would make it look like a typical ork bodge job but if you want something much cooler looking you can drill a hole to a mid point between the wheels, add a transfer box, then run two transmissions to each set of wheels. The result? a 4 wheel drive Ork Vehicle


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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    I love this - totally Orky. I can't wait to see more. Are you going to paint it with loads of Deathskulls poking out of hatches and doorways? That would make a good conversion great. Lots of little scenes - Meks tinkering and such.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    THIS RULES! I cant wait to see it finished.


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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    nick, it will have a belt/chain pulley type drive on it. I'd thought about doing a 4wd with it, and while it would work if the Orks had started it from 'scratch', I don't think it would work so hot on a knocked together job. Also, the fact that the transmission is pokin out the back (and I didn't have a 4wd tranny to begin with) makes the exposed belt drive that much more fitting.

    Gadicitus, there will be Grots swarming all over this thing, from a lookout in the senor cupola in the nose, back to one wrenching on the engine, probably some hanging out the doors too. This is actually something I'm doing for a buddy of mine, and his Orks are pretty much just plain ole Orks. No clans, really, I don't think.

    I will need to get a sprue of Orks though. I need a driver, a Zzap gunner, and a couple of gunners for the shootas. Though, that last might be a task relegated to a couple of Grots. I don't know if a Boy would fit into the little turret baskets I'll be making for the front.

    Just removed the cockpit panel, I'll be building a cockpit with an Ork Driver to go in it's place, with suitably Orky armor covering it. have to work on the exhaust and a secondary bulkhead behind the drivers seat, then i'll do another update in pictures.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Haha, this is so sweet. I love the idea and look forward to seeing it finished. You should make a couple orks sitting in the drone mounts firing big shoota's and an ork mekboy shooting the big turret. make some grotz hangin on for dear life as the tank rumbles around at super high almost tau speeds.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    If you notice, the engine takes up like, ALL the room inside. I figure, that's the only way the Orks could manage to get a Vehicle with 13/12/10 armor up to 'Fast'+Red speeds. Oh yes, it will be insane. I think Tomorrow I will have to bitz order a sprue of Boyz so I can have some crew.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    I've trimmed down the front suspension just a bit, to bring it down a little closer to the ground, and I think the mechanics of it look a little better this way. I'm not sure where I want to place the wheels though. So, I give you a slightly updated image.

    If I mount them as in image (A) I can use the 3rd landing gear strut as a mount point for the suspension, with little to no scratch building or modification. (you can see the suspension point in image (B) as the tires aren't in the way. That is the same piece I've used for the rest of the suspension as well. No point in the Orks throwing away perfectly good shocks, eh?

    But, with Image (B) they end up out front, gives a longer wheelbase, and a possibly sleeker look. (sleek Orks?) On the down side, I then have to bodge together a mount for the suspension. As you can see in the very first image, everything is just kinda free floating for now. It definitely needs to be better attached, so leaving it as is, is out of the question. I would be able to fairly easily attach it to the turret brace, i'm sure, however. Also, should I go with (B) the spare landing strut would be removed, and the landing gear pad would probably be glued over the bay to close it off.

    So, I ask you, my dear public, which do you think? Also, sorry for the poor pictures, I left my digi cam in the car, and I don't feel like walking down there in my jammies at 1am, so Webcam it is.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    B is much better. Remove the spare landing gear mount and use it somewhere else. if you can attach the wheels to the small underturret then great, the orks could use the turret rotation mechanism to turn the Humm'head.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish


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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    b looks best!also this project look really cool so give us someupdate and Ill be keeping my eyes on tih one

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    I was looking for a way to turn that useless devilfish into a usable tank...Thanks! I would go with B, This project is great BTW!
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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Interesting idea.
    B looks better.
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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    that models lookingh nice, i love the hotrod ish look its got

    also i vote B

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    A littel update. Started work on the platform for the ZZap gun, put some brackets in to line it up. It'll get legs and armor plates soon enough. Filled in one Landing Gear bay to give the shocks somethign to attach to. Added the pulleys for the belt drive, and bulkheaded the heck out of the cockpit area. It's now completely closed in. Did a little re-inforcing to the front suspension assembly, as well. Also, you'll notice the first Grot rigger. I don't know if the final product will have him actually standing on the Transmission hump, or if i'll build a platform/catwalk thing over it, so they can safely get from one side to the other, and work on the engine.

    I'm trying to turn one of the engine nacelles into a fuel tank. The random shape being 'squared up' to fit the half barrel they used to close the back. (that's what all the plasticard stuff is on the engine) Well, and bits used to seal off the vents. I'll be adding a chunk over the front, and 3 exhausts before I decide if it's working or not. What do you guys think? I may end up just fabricating a giant round fuel tank, as the Skorcha fuel tank is far to small to replace the engine entirely.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    I don't see why orcs would not loot Tau vehicles. You have an original idea that reeks with coolness. Run with it and keep posting updates. I would love to see the finished models.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Original? I've had a concept sketch of that involving leman russ tracks for quite some time that I haven't done anything with
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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    Okay, quick late night update. First a couple shots of the minor amount of work I've done to the body.

    The turret-y platform is what the ZZap gun will mount to. The floral wire is makshift wiring so it has power. The platform that you can see in the previous pictures mounts above it. You can see one of the struts for it glued to the top of the tank. The other is currently glued to the bottom of the platform. I'm not sure why I did it that way, though I'm sure I have a reason.

    You can also see the back door I've made for it. It does swing open, and will actually clear the drive-train. Ignore the floral wire in that shot... i had to keep the door closed somehow. The hinge is a little loose right now.

    This is the Rear, and then Front view of the front suspension mount. I will at some point mot likely add a rod going up through the floor for the steering column.

    Finally we have the rear suspension (including the capped wheel wells), and the engine nacelle that has been modified into a fuel tank. It will get a fuel fill cap on top, before I decide if I want to scrap the idea or not. I'm not sure if I'm very keen on it right now. Comments and criticisms would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm thinking though, that I may end up scratch building just a giant fuel drum to put there instead.

    Anyway, this is where I'm at right now. Still left to do for teh beast...

    1) Make some mounting for the engine.
    2) Make some armor for the driver's compartment.
    3) Make the Driver's Compartment.
    4) Design and build the front gunner's turrets.
    5) Armor the Zzap gun platform.
    6) Make side doors (similar i'm sure to the rear door. Probably one of Diamond Plate and one of smooth sheet)
    7) Grots. Lots of them.
    8) Stuff other engine nacell full of stormboy jump packs.
    9) figure out how to make engine exhaust.
    10) get a better order to do this stuff in.

    So, there you have it, for those that wanted to know how things were going, and those that didn't care.

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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    - I love this! I don't totally like the platform, granted it is orkish...this is gonna be one awesome looking machine in the end, regardless!

    - How'd you make the little bubbly bits on the metal wire for the suspension?
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    Re: Looted Hammerhead/Devilfish

    The front suspension is actually taken from a scrapped 1:24 scale 1957 Chevy Belair. Those are the swaybars and steering linkage from said model.

    The platform is subject to change... maybe. See, I don't have much room in the tank to have a cupola extend down through the turret hole. If when I get it all put together I don't like it, I can remake it more turret-like. That just doesn't see quite so orky to me, though.

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