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Thread: What i want to do at work

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    What i want to do at work

    One of my co-workers spends most of her working time on the net spamming the crap out of message boards and playing games on MSN. Normally, i wouldn't have a problem with this, if she didn't constantly complain that she's so overworked and lets stuff pile up around her.

    What i want to do is install some kind of VPN connection or remote desktop or other back door on her machine, and the next time i see her playing Columns or whatever, surf over to Anonymizer or something to mask the incoming IP address, open a text file on her machine and type "Quit dancing around, you lazy bint and get to work!" or something.

    I'd tell her to her face, but the last time someone did that, she went and bitched to one of the partners about it, and the person complaining got in trouble.

    Problem is, i can't find her machine through the local network for some reason, and i don't want to be seen physically be messing around on her machine (though the levels of security when it comes to login names and passwords is ridiculously low).

    Secondary problem: I don't even know what i would use to pull this stunt off.

    Tertiary problem: It would probably be pretty obvious that someone inside the firm did this if she should, you know, put two and two together.
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