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Thread: SDKFZs Mechanised Guards

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    Re: SDKFZs Mechanised Guards

    Col. Reus?, lol, in Nederlands reus = giant.
    Have a look at my Combined Krieg/ Ryzan Husarz-Grenadiers attempt:
    Quote Originally Posted by Juggalo
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    Re: SDKFZs Mechanised Guards

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhaivaen View Post
    Col. Reus?, lol, in Nederlands reus = giant.
    We just know him as the "Big Boy".
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    Re: SDKFZs Mechanised Guards

    Yeah, I'm not that big of a producer to even look at a resin printer like a Form2 - I'm looking at MAYBE the $400 filament one from Monoprice that boasts a nice tight print resolution. I can deal with the quirkier parts of working with filament, it's all I've worked with - the school I was working through for my diploma at the time had a TinkerPro, so I got used to that.

    I'd love to have a printer just for the ease of being able to pop out some of my own designs for self-use mostly, and to test my designs on a quick turn-around so I have more to show my buyer than just the render shots. It's on the list of "Eventually, when I can get enough progress/income/stability"

    And I'm with Faolan - love the spade design.
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