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Thread: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

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    Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    A while back Avian had a thread here at Warseer about random terrain generation. I can't really remember the specifics but he was devising a way to generate random terrain based on cards. I instantly thought it was such a cool idea and I wanted to create that system based on the ideas in that thread and present it to the community to use. Perhaps my version is slightly different from what was discussed but I hope that people like it and will give it a try. The only thing I must ask is you can NOT try to sell it in any way, shape or form. It was created by me for the love of the hobby and the warhammer community and it shall remain that way. With that said let me explain how it works.

    The first few pages you will notice the Terrain Tiles charts. These are representations of your gaming table. Three sizes are included. 4ft.x4ft., 4ft.x6ft., and 4ft.x8ft. Each table has a letter and a number that corresponds to a 12"x12" section on your gaming table. A 4x4 table has 16 tiles, a 4x6 table has 24 tiles and a 4x8 table has 32 tiles.

    Obviously you will use the chart that corresponds to the size of your table. Print and cutout the tiles for the correct table size you will be playing on. You and your opponent will need to decide on how many terrain pieces you will have on your gaming table. Generally 4ft.x4ft. has 2-4 pieces of terrain, while 4ft.x6ft. has 4-6 pieces and 4ft.x8ft. has 6-8 pieces.

    Once you determined exactly how many terrain pieces will grace your table you will then without looking at the tiles you cutout shuffle them and only keep as many tiles as the same number of terrain pieces you and your opponent decided to include in your game. You can include/exclude certain tiles before shuffling such as the center tiles if you don't want terrain in the center of the battlefield. This is your Terrain Tile Deck. Not really a deck but I didn't feel like making 72 cards!!! and covers for all the various tiles.

    The next step is to print and cut out the Terrain Type cards. There are six types...Woods, Hill, Building, Water, Obstacle and Special Feature. You can include/exclude whatever you like this is up to you and your opponent. It is suggested you print multiples of the ones you want and more of the ones you want to be generated more often.

    Then make a deck with them shuffle it ( again without looking ) and discard all but the same amount you and your opponent decided for how many terrain pieces you will have on your gaming table.

    The next step is optional but if you want random terrain placement print and cut out the Terrain Placement cards. What do those funny arrows mean!?! ;-) Each arrow corresponds to a position on a single 12"x12" tile. There are nine positions included. Center, Top Center, Bottom Center, Top Left, Center Left, Bottom Left, Top Right, Center Right, Bottom Right. The arrows will determine the specific position on a tile that your terrain is placed. On the cards the red ( arrow or circle ) indicates where on a the table tile the terrain is placed. Altenatively you can use D6's or scatter dice to make it even more random or you can just place it anywhere you like without using
    the Terrain placement cards.

    So that's how it works. None of this is set in stone so feel free to use it in any way you see fit ( except trying to sell it ). If you wish to add or improve
    on this by all means do so. If you have critiques then do one better and I will play with yours instead

    Link to Download

    Gork Or Possibly Mork
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    Re: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    sounds like an idea worth trying, tried an alternative way for placement of the terrain today.
    A new Way to randomly get to what kind of obstecles are on the field could be useful, so may try this out.

    for the placement of the obstacles we did this:

    We decided to mark the center of the table and roll the artillery and scatter dice + 1 d20 dice(a hit = reroll that dice, Missfire = 0 inch)

    we found this quite intersting and entertaining for creation of the battlefield one much more random than what we have had in the past taking our turn to place 1
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    Re: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    Thanks for posting Chain.

    To the other 100+ people that looked in the thread like this>

    Come on, you could have atleast posted a comment or two. I guess nobody appreciates things unless it comes from some of the big names here. Sorry I wasted your time.

    *Shrugs* That usesless huh? The Terrain cards alone could be used by alot of people I suspect. Guess not!?!

    Im still curious to see what Avian thinks. After all it was his thread ( or he posted in one just like it ) where the topic was brought up in the first place.

    Gork or Mork

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    Re: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    We use something similar at my gaming club. We have a deck of cards that are randomly drawn for the table. On a 4X6 we have 5 to 6 cards and have them basically on the deployment line evenly spaced on each of our sides. We flip them over and use the terrain selected by the cards. We then scatter the terrain with a scatter and artillery dice. Personally I do like it giving you the randomness, but I prefer to have the old 6th edition terrain charts that the BRB used to have.

    You could pick which location that you were fighting in be it Dwarven Mountains, The Old World, The Elven kingdoms, etc. We used to roll for how much terrain (D3+1) and then roll for each piece on the table and then use what we have got. What I like about this is that you could customize this a bit more based on where you wanted to fight.

    Your idea sounds ok but not easy to follow in my opinion.
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    Re: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    I just use the terrain generator from 6th ed
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    Re: Random Terrain Generator for WHFB

    Thanks a bunch!

    Will try this

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