I'm going to start playing BloodBowl again in the next month or so and wanted to begin by fielding an Ogre team (in an effort to use up the Ogre model lying around). Although probably not the easiest team to use, I think it'll be fun as my brother will be using a similar team, Orcs. Mindless violence.

I've got the following team in mind:
4x Ogres
6x Gnoblars (Goblins)
1x Scrappa Sorehead
2x Re-rolls
8x Fan Factor

I get the impression a second Re-roll is more important than a fifth Ogre, hence my decision that four Ogres will be enough for the team. Also, as I am limited to six Gnoblars, I have chosen to employ Scrappa Sorehead. Hopefully he will score many a touchdown when he is hurled through the air.

So, do you think the four Ogres and two Re-rolls are enough for the team, or should I drop the second Re-roll (and a Gnoblar and a point of Fan Factor) for a fifth Ogre?

Many thanks.