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Thread: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

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    Re: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

    ARMY : Empire (1000 Points)

    UNIT: 10 Greatswords.

    BACKGROUND/THEME: The Empire army is made up of different forces from its contingent states. However the backbone of the Empire army is the Reiksguard, who are recruited across the Empire from amongst the elder sons of the nobility . They accompany the Emperor in war and peace. The Reiksguard is the personal army and personal bodyguard of the Emperor on the battlefield and in the course of his ceremonial duties.
    The Reiksguard forms an elite core of highly trained, expensively-equipped troops who are loyal to the Emperor in person. Although few in number, the Reiksguard is the most important part of the army and usually forms up in the centre around the Emperor himself.

    The Reiksguard is divided into warriors who fight on foot, refered to as the Reiksguard Regiment and a mounted arm known as the Reiksguard Knights.

    The Reiksguard Knights are the Emperors best troops and form the core of the Imperial army. Many a battle has been won by the decisive charge by the Reiksguard knights.
    The Knights carry tall lances and ride fierce stallions. The Reiksguard wear magnificent gilded armour, highly polished to a mirror like finish, scarlet sashes and their hems are adorned with tall, feathered red and white crest of the ruling Emperor Karl Franz. The Reiksguard Knights standard displays the emblem of Karl Franz and their lance pennants are decorated with crowns. The motto ‘Mallus’ painted on his knights armour means ‘hammer’.

    The infantry arm of the Reiksguard, The Reiksguard Regiment are the Emperors own troops and are the nearest thing the Empire has to a state army. They are armed with heavy swords and shields and wear ornate steel armour which they keep polished to a mirror finish.

    BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box classic Perry Reiksguard on foot representing Greatswords.

    PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Chainmail. Selective Black wash. Painted Mithril Silver highlights. Final highlight mithril Silver and white mix. Gold trim: Dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Shinning and Burnish Gold. Chesnut Ink wash. Stockings and White Plumes: Painted white, washed with fortress grey, drybrushed white. Red Plumes: painted Blood Red, washed red and purple ink, drybrushed Blood Red.

    BASING: Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes little stones painted black then dry brushed with greys with static grass to finish.

    STILL TO DO: These guys are finished.

    HIGHS AND LOWS: Lovely old minis. Easy to paint because so much is armour. The only disappointment is the shine on the red plumes from the inks. (Wishing I had washed with paint or just dry brushed up from a dark red). I am hoping the dullcoat will sort that out.

    POINTS : 100

    TOTAL POINTS : 200 (4 Jokers ... **** poor I know)

    DICE ROLL : 2

    and here they are with the other guys to form a big unit:

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