*dusts off paintbrushes*

First off apologies for my lack of posting in December & January. TBH inspiration and the desire to paint decreased in inverse proprotion to the increase in boozy Xmas/New Year/Oh God its January work parties!

I've decided to post 400 points this month to buy back Januarys joker and sort out February as well...

Army: Hochland Empire
Models: Steam Tank & Empire Captain
Points: 400 (ish)
Painting: Lots of metallics...Silver is boltgun, Badab black and botlgun highlight...Gold is Tin Bitz, Shining Gold, Devlan Mud...Green & Red is as before on previous entries.
Highs: Regaining my painting mojo after 2 months without it. Enjoyed painting the Stank immensely as well as the old Reiksguard Captain model - Awesome stuff.
Lows: None. Really motivated and planning on finishing this thing now!!!
Dice Roll: 3

I'll be back to comment in a couple of weeks...