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Thread: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

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    Re: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

    For those who are 'OUT' in the table, just posting an entry with pics or a joker will put you back in.


    UNIT: Savage Orc Warboss

    BACKGROUND/THEME: Army by the rules of the ‘7 knights’ scenario.

    BUILD/CONVERSION: Converted him from a orc shaman on boar and some bits, and added greenstuff for extra fur.

    STILL TO DO: Add shield, finish his mount for next month...

    HIGHS AND LOWS: Fun to paint a savage orc again, been some time since the last one. Now to finish that Wyvern...

    POINTS: 228
    TOTAL: 822

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