The Red Green Clan

Army: Dwarfs

Units:6 Rangers, 1 quarreller, and 4 longbeards

Build/Conversions: The rangers are normal dwarfs made to look different from quarrellers with sertain dwarf bitz. The quarreller is a normal dwarf with it's helmat shaved of and replaced with a bandana. The long beards are just normal dwarfs with GSed beards and mad holding mugs.

Painting: Same as he others.

Basing: Same as others.

Points: 6 Rangers, great weapons, crossbows, full command Pts.109
4 Longbeards, sheilds, musician Pts.53
Quarreller Veteran Pts. 21
Total this month 183
Total from last month 1053
Grand total 1236


Quarreller Veteran

Army Shot

Dice roll: 2

Next month I will have chaos again(jokering this month) and will have my dwarf lord painted up.