UNIT: Gold and Amethys battle wizard. Both on 2 levels.

BACKGROUND/THEME:Not so long ago a son of a local nobleman was fascinated with war and military. With the financial support of his aristocratic family, the young noble began to gather the finest warriors from all across the Empire and far beyond. Unfortunately the spoiled child has no military experienced due to extensive education thus the greatest warriors gain weight and their only opponent is the fearsome rust.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The beard from the mask was to long so I have shortened it. Amethyst wizards head had the hair cuted off. The hood is made from green stuff.

PAINTING: I HATE YELLOW! Except that I wanted to show passing time by different stages of the rose and the sandtimer.

BASING: Standard.

STILL TO DO: Nothing

+: Staves, gems, mask
-: Uneven surface in some places of the robes, hourglass ( not entirely happy )

POINTS : 190



I was to lazy to take another army pic. Watch the last one and try to imagine two wizards standing somewhere between the units.