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Thread: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

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    Re: The Tale of Fantasy Painters. Month 6 (& Februarys WIP)

    Edit: My apologies for the wall of text, I'm using "Practicing for my Extension English Major Work" as an excuse for the moment XD

    Army: Slayer Cult of Karak Kadrin (Storm of Chaos)

    Dice Roll: 5 (Courtesy of my calculator for Physics this month)

    Units: I only started last month so I'm making a big push each month to catch up . I have 2 units which ill list individually:

    A group of young beardlings have taken up the slayer oath mere weeks before the assault of Crom's Army of Undivided Chaos. The group are led into battle by a war hardened Dragon Slayer who has yet to meet his doom, not for lack of trying though. He bears a rune axe forged from some past deed of valor.

    Dragon Slayer (Hero):
    Painting and Conversions:
    The original model is the White Dwarf from the 300th (i think) issue many years back now. Originally, he has a hand axe and helmet full of beer. Now he has a Helmet full of beer and a Great Weapon, made out of two 40k ork axes and the handle thereof.
    Painting I used the same as my slayer lord from last month, pinky-pale skin, with blood red hair, highlighted with orange and yellow. I decided to leave the armor and boots as is (Boltgun with mith highlights). Ill make up some fluff for it. The axe took ages to get right from my eye and i'm never quite satisfied with it. I ended up going for a heavily blood stained, well worn look, with the runes still blazing bright blue. The runes are Swiftness and Fury, one each side of the main haft join and took about half an hour to get right because my brush hates me and kept adding extra random brush strokes.

    Still to do:
    Base (waiting for whole army before I decide what bases to make them...)
    Make the boots cloth as opposed to solid armor (Silver > Shadow Grey)


    16x Troll Slayers:
    Painting and Conversions:
    Not wanting to have to shell out a billion or so aussie dollars for the original slayers, I decided to experiment with standard Dwarf Warriors before I relied purely on eBay. No real conversions to speak of, except the beer stein in the musicians right hand. it was originally left handed and went on the chest, but a Stanley knife (Australian for hobby knife, I will kill anyone that makes a Crocodile Dundee reference, yes thats a knife, we all get it... lol jks) fixed that.
    Painting took some thinking. The models themselves have armor on their bodies, cloth arms and helmets. Trying to figure a way around this problem, my dad said the brilliant line "Why not just paint them with kilts?" And so, the cloth on the arms became Bronze Flesh, the armor was painted Goblin Green with Scab Red Lining. It gives the effect of cloth. The helmets were a different matter, which took some thinking. In the end, I said screw it and just painted them like a slayer from the lore. The flats of the helmets became Bronze flesh, the ridges through the middle Blood Red for hair and outside brim/horns bronze. Despite the fact that they look like short, tanned, red-haired Mr. T's, I think they came out well, just don't look at them close up...

    Still to Do:
    Touch ups from clipping off the Sprue


    Figuring out how to get the warriors to work
    Ordering 33 proper slayers from Ebay at about 1/2 of what it would cost in Australian $$

    Painting 16 dwarfs that look EXACTLY the same
    Taking about an hour to get a decent picture of them all, stupid camera...

    Stuff for Braad:
    Some quick housekeeping things, last month, I stuffed up. I meant to put 179pts instead of 316, sorry . Also, do would it be possible to change my army name to Slayer Cult or the like, Dwarfs sounds boring (no offense to other dwarf players, boring for my army in respect to general dwarfs, I dunno, i'm just nit-picky, hehe)
    This month's Points:
    Dragon Slayer: 119
    16x Troll Slayers: 194
    Last Month's Dragon Slayer: 179
    Overall Total: 492
    Update: Thankyou Braad! Much appreciated

    Army Shot:

    I'll do comments later in the month when more entries are in

    Next month:
    Proper Slayers! Edit: Just got my first lot of 16 today from eBay. They are the classic models and I cant wait to paint them after my school crap this week is over. Also got Ungrim Ironfist and Gotrek and Felix BOO YA! Would it be weird to have a human leading slayers :P
    Goblin Hewer!
    Doom Seekers
    Oh My!
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    Is it just me, or does the idea of a dwarf seeking death with "LOTS and LOTS of Pistols" seem imbalanced

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